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Mini Reviews: Baker Street, Wonderland, and a Teapot

The Baker Street Four #1. Insight Comics (May 2017) NetGalley
The Baker Street Four are a group of spies that watch the streets of London for the infamous Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Billy, Charlie, Tom, and their cat get into saving lives and stopping villains in this story. They set out to save a girl after she's been kidnapped and find the truth when a Russian immigrant is framed for a crime Jack the Ripper would appreciate.

The art design is absolutely beautiful! I couldn't applaud Etien's artistry more. The illustrations were colorful, detailed, and had a unique style that fit perfectly with the story. The story though... did not fair well for me. The way the ARC was given to me the words were separate from the actual images. It made the story difficult to follow but even without the complication I think it would have been hard to follow nonetheless. I don't know if it's just me but the accents threw me off as well. I've read books where characters have acce…
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