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The Mysterious Howling by Maryrose Wood

Penelope Lumley is off to start her way in the world. She's 15 years old and apparently she is an adult so she's going for an interview as a Governess at the Ashton Place. It's acres and acres of land are completely foreign to her. To have that much wealth is what isa foreign to her because she was left as a child on the steps of Swanburne Academy for Poor Bright Females. She annoyingly acts older then she is just a teenager. She meets the Ashton's and is immediately accepted to become the Governess of three children whom she is not allowed to meet yet. And then there is that strange howling coming from the barn. Having a sweet spot for animals she decides to help the poor creatures. She is in for a shock when she figures out the are not the dogs that she was told they were but 3 children completely naked under hefty blankets. She is now in charge of them - children who were raised in the wild by wolves no less. ready for the challenge she endearingly named Lumawoo. She must take care that they behave themselves or they will be sent away. There is an air of mystery to the Ashton Place and anyone can be in on it.

I was unfortunately disappointed in the book. So you already know where this is going but I really think others will like it. I just didn't particularly like it because she acted like she was 50. I think it was the time. Where the women weren't as revered I guess you would say. That and she kept quoting that stupid Swanburne. It wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. It would have been more interesting if I read from the kids point of view maybe. It's kind of like the age of Jane Austen. The way they talked to. I just couldn't stay in it. it didn't go in to detail about how they learned or how it was before. Again I would have liked the kids point of view. Lord Ashton kept on saying What? after all his sentences which irritated me to say the least. It just wasn't the type of book I wished it could have been. The end was interesting though. I'll probably cheat and get a friend to tell me what was up with that. I won't be reading the others. Oh well... I think I'm just picky so if you do like the summary I would try it out.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Favorites of 2011:The Covers

As you know I basically love ALL the covers I come across. I won't pick 10 though. I have decided to become more picky on my Cover Loves and I'm starting now.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Favorites of 2011:The Characters

On to the next Favorites of 2011 which will probably my favorite section... characters! It'll probably be the toughest too because I love basically ALL the characters I come in contact with.

Favorite Female Main Character
I've got to say again Before I Fall has the best female character. There were a lot of girls that were pure awesomeness like girls always are but she just moved me the most.

Favorite Male Main Character
I absolutely LOVED The Maze Runner so I have to pick Thomas. He is the reason why I loved the book. The Scorch Trails confirmed it even more. He was just so wrapped in mystery and he was sort of psychic! This series has been one of the greatest twist series ever! I forgot to say that in The Books section but now you know. I can't wait to reread them all and finish the trilogy. I'm sad but extremely excited.

Best Couple <3
So hard! Three books stand out in my mind as having the best couple. The Education of Hailey Kendrick, Delirium, and Divergent. All the guys I love. It comes out really to what girl was the best and how the relationship was. And the winner is The Education of Hailey Kendrick. Divergent for me wasn't as a great of book altogether as much so that means I didn't like the couple as much. I really loved Delirium but same thing as Divergent. When Hailey met Drew everything came together wonderfully. I liked her way more with him. She was a whole different person. A more entertaining one and strong. Even though they weren't exactly going out they were still my favorite couple.

Who I Fell Completely In Love With (New Literary Crush)
I fell in love with three. Thomas from The Maze Runner, Jason from Rules, and Danny from Mexican Whiteboy... really hard...I'm not going to put Thomas... Jason even though he was handicapped I did fall completely in love with him. Danny was amazing as well. I'm not going to decide on one. Those are the two(yeah I make up my own rules!) Danny and Jason. I LOVE them both.

Who Broke Your Heart The Most
Again it has to be from Bridge to Terabithia. Leslie. You know if you read it...

Favorite Sibling Relationship
From Rules Catherine and David. She did treat her brother unfairly at times but I forgive her because she fixed her problems. She's trying and David was so cute.

Bonus: Best Love Triangle
Oh no were going there! Oh goodness... Definitely Matched had the best love triangle. I know I know it really wasn't much of one but it looks like it will be a problem in the next book... I just loved Cassia and Ky together so... I think Xander is going to be a very interesting twist to it all in Crossed.

Favorites of 2011:The Books

I'll only put the ones that I feel I can answer so here I go!

Favorite Book Read in 2011
The first question and I can't decide! Well there were a lot of 5 star quality of books I read and I don't really know if I can say this is my favorite but I'll pick Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver of Delirium fame.

This book had me wary of it from the beginning but I can honestly say I fell in love with it. She was difficult in the beginning. Annoying really but I knew of course she would change. She would transform.

Most Powerful Book
The most powerful... I feel I read a lot of deep books but even more entertaining ones. I'll have to say A Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. I don't know why this book really. I know I could have picked more powerful books. I guess I'm interpreting it in my own way.

I remember watching part of the movie. The ending with my luck. I wrote something about it earlier in the year but not on here. So here it is: I knew what was going to happen but I read this book anyway... I don't know why. I guess to feel something.. that's why we read right? To feel adventure, compassion, and sometimes sadness. This book was amazing. I cried my eyes out, my face is red, and I have a headache but it was worth it. I don't know why but it was worth it. 

Brilliantly Funny
There wasn't really anything brilliantly funny... some were amusing at times but it wasn't that much... I did reread this one book who's main character is hilarious. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. The whole series is brilliant. And though I didn't meet my marathon challenge it is still awesome and you need to read it.

Best Ache-y, Heart-Breaking, Tear-Jerker Read
As you know Bridge to Terabithia broke my heart but I'll put another one as well in this category because it was so great and heart-breaking at the same time. It's If I Stay by Gayle Forman. The reason being that she had to deal with a lot and decide if she wanted to live or not. It was a pretty painful and yes another powerful book that brought tears to my eyes as well as A Bridge to Terabithia.

I-Had-No-Idea-I-Would-Love-This-So Award
For this book like a couple others this year it started out rocky for me. It had some pretty inappropriate things going on in the beginning. Stuff I didn't want to read about. But I kept going and never looked back. I didn't care anymore that it was so messed up. It was just too fantastic to even dwell on the bad the way and who she grew up to be but on who she was and what she had to go through. I don't know.. It was just amazing. It is I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert.

Most Haunting Story
There are two really Haunting Stories I read Last Night I Sang to the Monster by Benjamin Alire Sáenz but most of all it was Room by Emma Donoghue. Room was just  really dark and creepy. I really don't know why I didn't stop reading it. The situation she was, what she had to deal with, and who she had to become are all the things that made this book a truly haunting one.

Completely Awesome Premise Award
This one goes hands down to Divergent by Veronica Roth. Why? Ummm.. have you read the summary? Have you read the book? I love the twist of this Dystopian book going to factions. Getting to pick which one you are in but of course it has to be the extreme of whatever the faction is called which makes it all the more interesting but most likely I would be dead.

Want To Re-Read Already
I picked this next one because first I can't remember for the life of me most of it because I have really bad memory like that and second of all I do remember it being very moving. It was just one of those books that drew me in and when it let me go I felt I had gained something. It's Hate List by Jennifer Brown.

Update #4

Well I'll be going away for a little while. I'll be with my cousin for a couple of days. I might not get to use a computer and review any books so just letting you know. I hope you enjoy my posts and have yourself a wonderful New Year's! The next few posts I saw on Ashleigh Jayde's blog as well as others that I can't remember... I liked it so much I want to participate in it too. It's originally from Inkcrush's blog. Hope you enjoy!

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Last Night I Sang to the Monster by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Zach has no idea how he got to Rehab. He is supposed to try to remember but remembering hurts. The last thing he remembers being in a hospital. He doesn't know why he's there and how he got there. He doesn't ask. His family home wasn't the greatest. Well that's a bit of an understatement. His mother was depressed and wouldn't leave the house. She would completely zone out for long periods of time. His father was a drunk. His brother was an abuser of drugs. He also liked to hit Zach. He would feel sorry afterwards and give him things. His father still went to work. It was okay according to Zach. But with all that it wasn't a surprise that he got into drugs but his specific poison was Bourbon. He used to walk around just chugging it down his throat. It was his father's. He would search for it when he needed it. It was like Easter all the time.

Now he's in Rehab with Raphael as his roommate and then later Sharkey comes along. Raphael is just like him. Everyone here has a monster in them but he feels like Raphael is exactly like him which makes him like him so much. He reads, he paints, and is a quiet person. Sharkey on the other hand is loud, loves clothes, and always tells you what's on his mind. Zach hardly talks especially in group sessions. Adam his therapist really pisses him off sometimes with the way he talks and the way he pushes him to talk. Well he doesn't really push him hard. He just gets anxiety very easily. He's riled up easily. The summary of the book talks about him feeling that God writes happy or angry or crazy on people's hearts. God wrote sad on his. He doesn't like God and apparently God doesn't like him much either.

 I spent all day reading this book. It was really absorbing. I cried a bunch of times during this book. When Zach didn't want to look in the mirror because it was painful... Sheesh that just got to me. Him being a quiet reserved person helped me like him. I knew for awhile why he got there but it was still a mystery of how he played into it. He was just very interesting to read about and my heart went out to him whenever he was feeling anxious. He doesn't even remember when someone last said that they loved him. I just wish there was a person or a place he can go to to get away from it all. I've read only one other book about someone being in rehab but this one felt more real to me. It had more feeling to it. It was a bit weird with Raphael and the love thing. He felt like he was a little kid. He never seemed to have time to be a kid I guess... It was a really good book and I recommend reading it to those who want to read about the subject.

The Education of Hailey Kendrick by Eileen Cook

Hailey is going to one of the top school's in the country. Well it's where all the rich kids go. She's the type of person who colors in the lines. She always follows the rules. She's always felt she needed to be perfect since her grandmother sat her down and told her that she needed to help her father out. Why? Her mother died when she was 12. Her mother was just crossing the street and a drunk driver killed her. She didn't even think to worry when her mother didn't pick her up and hours later she was found at school still. She never thought anything was wrong and couldn't explain it to others when she was asked. But, everything changed. So she knows everything that can kill you and the statistics of it which is pretty sad.

For almost four years she's been at this school and for almost all that time she's been with her boyfriend Tristan. The most popular guy in school. But then something happens and her world becomes upside down. Now everyone stops talking when she walks in the room and stare at her accusingly. She did something so wrong that not even her boyfriend will talk to her.

Wow. This book is not even remotely what I thought it would be like. First of all I didn't know they were this rich bunch of kids I'll be reading about. It is kind of thrown at you with the first page talking about this girl's area. I was like Okay! I was already writing up the review in my mind saying what a disappointment this book was. Talking about popularity. Blah. Blah. Blah. But wait! Then comes in Drew *sly grin* (Yes sly. I'm changing it up people!). He's pretty sarcastic and very amusing. He just made me like Hailey a lot more. The whole relationship was unexpected... maybe not for you now... whatever. You'll like him. And anyway the book summary suggests it so there!

Oh my goodness her father.... I wanted to smack him. I would totally zone out if one of my loved ones died too. I kind of understand but poor Hailey. This line really sums it up:

"What about us?" (The Dad) "Just that. There is no us anymore. I don't even know if you like me."

See? Sadness... Some other quotes I'm just going to put in here because they stood out to me, made me smile, and are awesome. This first one was talking about Karaoke.

"I'm not sure I should be singing at all. My throat's been a bit sore. I might be coming down with something." I held my hand to my throat and tried to look wan. Drew laughed. "Do not go into a life of crime. You suck at lying."

"Dozing,huh? You always snore like a truck driver when you snore?" "I wasn't snoring," I insisted. "Oh, I'm sorry. You weren't snoring. You were simply choking to death on a live ferret."

"There are two kinds of people in this world. People who are a part of what happens and people who sit back and watch other people make it happen. Life isn't supposed to be a spectator sport. It's supposed to be messy."

The last one I'm pretty sure I've heard before except maybe the messy part. Reading through the last quote I thought how much I was like Hailey. Playing it safe. Not living how I should be. Everyone's like that too. They don't seem to be aware of it. Well not everyone but most people. Anyways this book surprised me of how good it was. I'd so recommend it.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

Flavia is not the ordinary type of eleven year old girl that you'd find anywhere. She's a bit of a genius. She lives with her Father an avid stamp collector who's never been the same since his lovely wife dies when Flavia was one. There is also Ophelia and Daphne her sisters or Feely and Daffy respectively. Ophelia does "nothing" but look at herself in the mirror. Daphne always has her head stuck in a book. She is the youngest of the bunch and due to that she is particularly tortured but who knows who started all the fighting because the way Flavia acts it could have been anyone. They are always taking revenge on each other. They act like they don't care about each other but in their weird way I guess they do... The thing that most irritates Flavia about her sisters is the memories they have of her mother Harriet. She absolutely despises those memories. Yeah she's a bit crazy but if you think about it she's eleven.

Also, she is always stuck up in her lab. She loves chemistry and when she finds a dead body in her cucumber patch she thinks instantly that he must have been poisoned. You see she has a particular passion for poison. *evil grin*

The beginning of the book is probably the best start to a story I've ever read. It was just amazing. Flavia is quite the character. She is quite ingenious. Her antics are pretty hilarious at times. She's just so sly. The story with her kind of dragged on for me. I don't know but it wasn't that bad.

Dogger, the gardener at the time, is sooo lovable. He's the sweetest guy trying to look after her all the time. Her relationship with him was the best. I didn't really care for Mrs. Mullet the cook. She's the type of adult that you would roll your eyes at behind her back. Her Father too was a pain. He wasn't much of a father. Flavia was sooo evil to Ophelia. I didn't understand what she was doing to her at the beginning but later on when she mentioned it again I had my mouth hanging open. What a pain!

Now to the mystery. Oh wait before that the Inspector in charge kind of reminded me of Flavia with the way he thought and how he pulled the puzzle pieces together. It ends there because Flavia was kind of insane. I think she was too smart for her own good and when she didn't like something she had temper tantrums. I' regarding the revenge tactics she took with her sisters who were no angels either but still. Anyway it did keep me guessing throughout most of the book so I applaud that. It was interesting how the stories were all pulled together. The end did not disappoint. But as I wrote earlier it kind of dragged on. It was just long... Don't get me wrong it wasn't a bad book. I actually really enjoyed it for the most part. In the end I'll be reading the others in the series.

Hope you guys had a great Christmas and got a ton of books!
Or I hope you just had a great day.
Good Night Guys
Merry Christmas (:

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

Ethan can't wait to get out of Gatlin. His small town prison. He has posters everywhere on where he would like to go. All the places he reads about are on there. Well don't tell anyone else because he is a basketball player and in this small town it's not cool to read books. That's why he has all of them hidden under his bed.

He lives with Amma who raised his father and now is raising him. She puts charms everywhere that are kind of creepy but also pretty thoughtful. She's a crossword loving cooking machine. Now you may have noticed that I said she is raising him. His mother died and his father just lost it. He hardly comes out of his room and is always stuck there writing his novel. He loved his mother and now it seems he's losing his father.

For months Ethan has been having dreams about this girl that feel almost real. She slips from his grasp as they both fall into darkness. He wakes up smelling Rosemary and Lemons with mud caked under his fingernails. Sophomore year comes with the surprise of the actual girl going to his school and the biggest shock of all - him fighting against his town for her.

First of all go Garcia's everywhere! I've never read a book by a Garcia before so I was pretty happy to read this author's name. I had no idea that this books was going to turn into something completely different then what I thought. I'm always kind of slow to realize what's going to happen in a book so I shouldn't be surprised any longer but wow! It gets to whole new things... that I don't want to ruin so I won't say so I'll talk about things that I can. Ethan and Lena (the mystery girl). I really liked Ethan. He was a great guy throughout sticking up for her and going against his home because the way he felt about her. Now Lena on the other hand I got annoyed with. She was kind of whining throughout. I was rolling my eyes at her by the end. I'm probably over exaggerating anyway because I did finish the book and liked it. I loved Amma. She was tough on Ethan because she cared about him. The other characters were interesting... Overall it was a great fantasy book so you can expect the other books on review. I fear for it though because I don't know how they are going to top it.

Have a Happy Christmas Eve!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

8th Grade Superzero by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Reggie otherwise known as Pukey on account of puking in front of everyone in the beginning of his 8th grade year just wants everyone to forget him. After the incident everyone always calls him Pukey especially his relentlessly cruel former friend Donovan. One day he just stopped hanging out with him, Joe C., and Ruthie. Joe C. always has a bottle of Juiced! with him which comes with random information that no one needs to know. Ruthie is what you would call an activist. She cares about everyone and will take any chance she gets to talk about global issues.

Now after the great fiasco Reggie is laying low this year. They'll forget about it all... eventually. In comes Blaylock, the principal of Clarke, telling everyone there will be a redo of the presidential candidacy because of the last one resigning like the next day. Ms.A, his teacher, looks at him encouragingly. He doesn't know why. What's the point? It's just a popularity contest. He would really like to help out the school and the community but will anyone listen? Yeah.. no.

This book through in a real surprise for me. It was all a big surprise really. I really liked it! The summary doesn't cut it. It does talk about Olive Branch which is this homeless shelter that he gets involved with because of his youth group. There's the surprise. It talks about God. Not overly. It's just nice because I was having a conversation with my mom the day before I read it. What a "coincidence". He was asking the question that everyone does which is why doesn't He fix it all? The characters! I love them. Donovan was making me angry! What was his problem? Well you'll find out. Nightman was a nice little addition to the story. Nightman is a comic. Won't go more into it. Reggie was such a great narrator. It was such a great book. I can't even explain as well as I want to. It's really nice. Read it!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Matched: upcoming movie

Hey look who's going to turn into a movie! That's right Matched was picked up by unfortunately Disney. Not that there is anything wrong with Disney but Percy Jackson. That's all I have to say. Here is the link. It better stop being compared to Twilight right now! There are love triangles in a lot of books.

Matched by Ally Condie

Cassia Maria Reyes has always followed the rules. She has never questioned the decisions of the society who tell her who to marry, when to have children, when to die. Cassia is 17 now and lucky her the Matching Banquet falls exactly on her birthday so she will know who she has matched with to spend the rest of her life with. This is all for the good of the citizens of course. This way they will live the most optimal life possible. So Cassia is dressed in her green dress which she gets to keep only a piece of later. She is stunning compared to others because no one else picked a dress like hers.

There she is standing ready for the boy who would at 21 be her husband. She waits for awhile but the screen is blank. That could only mean that the person she is matched with is in the same town/province/city/district (sorry can't remember what it is exactly called). It's Xander who every girl would have wanted. He is also her best friend. It's perfect. But when, even though she knows so much about him, she checks the microcard? (sorry again with the name). There she sees Xander's face but a glitch occurs she sees someone else's face. Someone she knows. Ky Markham.

An official eases her worry later on and tells her a secret about Ky that she should not ordinarily know. She visits her grandfather before he dies at the age of 80 like everyone else does. It's the best age to die. She's extremely close to her grandfather. She is so much like him and when he gives her a poem she doesn't know what to do. It's illegal. There are only a Hundred Poems and she would get in serious trouble if she is caught with it. Here's one that she repeats over and over. It's only the first part of it.

Do Not Go Gentle in that Good Night by Dylan Thomas
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

You can find the rest here.

She looks at it on a hill where she thought no one would see. But someone did see. Ky. This was a really good book. I thought at first that reading it that I really should stop reading so many dystopians because they all sound the same but, this book really grew on me. The relationships are not so contrived as other books I've read. It was a slow pace but it was nice. It was a good slow because it suited the book. Don't get me wrong it's not snail pace. I loved Ky and what he showed Cassia. It got really interesting when he did that. He... ah! Don't want to ruin anything. The book's society, the way it is written, disturbed me more than other dystopians. It really got to me. Now go read it. You will not be disappointed.

Cover Love: Matched

This whole trilogy of book covers are so unique and so beautiful! It looks real too. It is a picture of a girl but of course she is not in a bubble well a glass bubble. Cassia is different then everyone else. She is more daring. She stands out more. She stood out at her Matching Banquet with the only one with the green dress. I'm already going to tell you that I really loved this book so you can expect a rave review coming soon.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Chains is one out of three of the Seeds of America trilogy so you can expect the story to go on more. Isabel lives in the time of the beginnings of revolution in America. It is 1776 so you know things are about to go down. She's just a lost little girl trying to take of her slow sister who everyone thinks is a little bit odd if not amusing. She also has bursts of something else that I'll leave out because I liked the surprise and it will surprise you. Her mother died earlier on and now that her master (grumble grumble...) has died she has to go with someone else. But wait she was given freedom but there is no way to prove it. So sadly she is sold again to the Lockton's. You will grow to hate the "lady of the house" soon enough. What she does... SHE MADE ME SOOO ANGRY. IT WAS RIDICULOUS. That's the problem with reading historical fiction. It's not that bad. I have read worse I think. It was muted down to what it could have been I think.

On there arrival to New York which was going to be Isabel's and her sister Ruth's new home they meet a boy well... Isabel meets Curzon. Oh Curzon. He asks her to spy on the Lockton's because they are known to be Liberals (for the crown) while he and his you know what is for the Rebels. They are for the Americans. She just wants to protect her sister and earn her freedom. She does not want to get in between a war that won't be able to solve any problems for her. But, she soon is forced to become a pawn in this revolution.

Throughout the story it talks about events, quotes, and other things pertaining to that exact time in America. I really liked reading that in the beginning of each chapter because it gave you a sense of what's going to happen. I love Isabel. She is one of my favorite heroines from a book. She's just the greatest. I cannot describe to you how fantastic this book is and this coming from a person who does not read historical fiction! This is a truly fantastic book that deserves praise from everyone and everyone should read it.

Cover Love: Chains

I LOVE this cover! The illustrator who did it, Christopher Silas Neal, has done some other books as well including the next book of this trilogy which is Forge. He never shows the face of the characters he's doing. It's just not there or they are covered up. It's a really great book. It's historical fiction which is pretty rare for me but again the cover drew me in. It also by Laurie Halse Anderson who has done among others Speak and Wintergirls. She seems to like to go after the hard topics. The review is coming soon!

Wolves, Boys, & Other Things that might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler

First of all I really like the first cover. That's what attracted to me to it. She looks really pale though like a vampire. The second one is pretty good but doesn't really do anything for me. I guess because it doesn't have a wolf in it and the girl...

No. This book doesn't have any werewolves. Sorry. If you didn't have that same thought when you read the title well... yeah. It's just me then. KJ Carson lives near Yellowstone. Her father is a guide there. He is very serious and always brooding. Her mother dies in a car crash when she was little. She was in the car but nothing happened to her. She's the clumsy type of person that is like the girl you don't really know. Well in this really small town they do know a lot about you.

Then comes in Virgil the really good looking guy from Minesooda. His mom is a researcher of Wolves which have been getting some attention now because they are killing off cattle. There are a lot of angry ranchers. She starts something when she and Virgil start to write a little page on their high school newspaper about the Cinderella wolf who's sister has beaten her up, droven away the rest of her family, and might possibly have killed her babies. This of course angers the townsfolk but it just get progressively worse in a series of events. She's trying to work with the wolves but she just feels like she is making it worse. What is a girl to do?

This is a pretty long book. Almost 400 pages but it wasn't bad reading it. The characters were really interesting and the story too. There was a little mystery going on in there too. The father... why do fathers have to be such a pain? I know he wants to make her strong but he just really got under my skin sometimes. He needs to realx a little bit but I do understand. Sort of. He wanted her to leave everything alone which wasn't right. I had a hard time picturing Virgil. I never have imagined a boy with :shaggy: hair. He was nice but I don't know he was not as sweet or maybe it's cute? as he was in the beginning. But Holy Smack! I did really like this book. It was well worth the read.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu

Hazel and Jack are best friends. They have been for six years. They are pirates, knights, and anything else they want to be. There love of everything fantasy is what brings them together from Narnia to Wonderland they are always in their own world making up heroes and villains. That is a problem for Hazel at school well her new school... everything is so structured. Rules about how to act and even how to be it seems. Hazel has had a completely different view of school for most of her life where her imagination is encouraged and rewarded. Here she doesn't do any of the work and stares out the window all day. Mrs. Jacobs doesn't like that she does that very much. But it's all okay because Jack is in her school and she gets to see him during recess and of course after school too. They live right next door to each other. Yes. That is cute.

The reason why she can no longer go to the school she wished she was in is because of her father. He kind of left. He left and is marrying a new person. Not her mom. He doesn't talk to her. He finds it awkward I guess. Her mother annoyed me throughout trying to get Hazel to make new friends. ou know why? It's because Hazel is a boy. Really? That annoyed me a whole bunch. She wants her to spend time with Adelaide who she hasn't seen for years and who never understood the greatness that is the fantasy world. She does meet up with her and it turns out alright. Alright with her but not with Jack because you see he got a piece of glass in his eye. Yeah. I know what your thinking. Okay... but I shall continue on! It's a magical piece of glass. An evil piece of glass which makes him be mean to Hazel without really knowing it.

Then he suddenly goes away. Tyler, the not so nice friend of Jack, tells her he saw something odd. He left with a woman in a sleigh with huge wolves attached to her. There was something wrong with her. Something cold. So Hazel ventures on in the woods and meets danger there including a couple who are on the surface nice to her, magical objects that can literally kill you, the three sisters(I know! There in here randomly), a woodsman, and more to make a great magical tale about the power of friendship.

I feel bad for Hazel not feeling like she can't fit in because she's Indian and adopted. She thinks thinks this is why she doesn't fit in with school, her classmates, and later on her best friend. Her mother didn't help. She was pretty horrible throughout. It's nice to have other friends but the way she talked about Jack... The book seemed to be missing some things. The end seemed liked it needed still some things to be resolved also it was completely abrupt. It was a really weird ending but I've got to say this was a really good book anyway. All fairy tale lovers will well... love this book.

Cover Love: Breadcrumbs

This book not only comes with this great cover but great illustrations inside as well. It's weird she looks much older inside then in the outside cover. There is also randomly if (maybe) you click the image there are three what looks like bugs in front of Hazel. I thought this was going to be fairies and I was sadly disappointed... I'm an analyzer so I was thinking why is her footsteps like that? Why don't they just go straight ahead? She's wasting time. I know. I'm going to far. I looked up this illustrator and I live her work! There is this really beautiful picture she drew in the book but she never put it anywhere on her blog... it's the picture of her sitting on the toilet. The toilet seat is down! She's just sad about her best friend. Anyway she's also done Lucky for Good and I also think the others in the trilogy as well as French Ducks in Venice. The illustrator is named Erin Mcguire.

Hazel from Breadcrumbs
French Ducks in Venice

Pretty right? Here are some other illustrations she's done: