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Point Horror: The Boyfriend by R.L. Stine

Summary: Too bad about Dex. He was in love with Joanna. She broke up with him. And then he died.

Joanna's sorry, of course. But it's not her fault he's dead, is it? Besides, she never loved him. Boys are just toys, to be used and thrown away.

But this time, Joanna's gone too far. Because Dex is back. From the dead. For one last date with her... (Back of the Book)

I know. You already know she's going to be a pain but it'll be good. Just read on. This is a different speed then the Goosebumps. This is more for teenagers. Joanna is the girlfriend of Dex who is a theatrical person. He doesn't have close to as much money she does. She didn't used to be so money grubbing. It might have been after her father left with another woman. She has been so bitter. She watches Dex from a distance. She wants to watch him squirm. She doesn't feel anything for him anymore and wants to have a little fun with him. She's standing him up and she's watching it all play out. The pacing. The frustration and anger forming in his face.

Mary has been Joanna's friend for awhile now but since she moved to a private school and since her father left she has been cold. She has become cruel. There friendship is dying. She likes to hear Mary gasp at everything she does. Mary is so taken aback by her.

Dex comes over and she continues to lead him on even though she has already planned a date with someone new. The good looking and rich Shep. He's actually a nice guy as she soon finds later when he frowns upon her making fun of people. Anyway they go for a drive and end up at a cliff side (I think you know nothing good is going to happen) and Dex pretends to fall off just because. He loves acting. She freaks out and he does it again for his friend that is there as well but this time he does fall. All the way to the ground. Joanna panics and flees. She ends up being in a car accident. She makes it out okay of course because the story can't end there.

She's so sarcastic about surviving because she's stuck in a hospital. She's not really grateful. She doesn't even think about Dex until after his friend comes and tells her he's dead. She doesn't really care. Then things get weird. Dex is alive? She decides to string him along as well as Shep. Having two boyfriends. What can be better? Dex is acting odd though. He looks different too. Smells not that great and is starting to look green! What's wrong with Dex!?

Joanna, the main character, is just a pain throughout this book. I think she gets what she deserves. But, it's not just that. It comes to a very nice conclusion although kind of tense one. This was really a more in depth book than the regular Goosebumps. I like it a lot because it is targeted to young adults. But, don't get me wrong. Goosebumps are awesome!

So that is the last review of the R.L. Stine Author Highlight. Hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Goosebumps #60: Werewolf Skin by R.L. Stine

Happy Halloween! It has finally arrived and I'll be posting the last reviews for the R.L. Stine Highlight. Hope you enjoy!

Summary: Alex Hunter, a young photographer, is staying with his aunt and uncle in Wolf Creek. They only have two rules for him: don't go into the woods late at night, and stay away from the creepy house next door. But Alex can't resist trying to take a couple of pictures, late at night, when the moon is full. (Goodreads)

Give us our skins! Give us our skins!

Alex is staying with his aunt and uncle for a couple of weeks even though he hasn't seen them for eight years. They're photographers and travel all around. He wants to be a photographer as well. The couple of weeks he has with them have a special holiday in it. It's Halloween! Alex wants to be a werewolf. He almost gets seriously injured because of the surprise on his Uncle Colin face. He nearly swerves into another car. Uncle Colin and Aunt Marta have a quick conversation amongst themselves about the Marlings - there next door neighbors. Not wanting to scare Alex Colin quiets his wife. Who are the Marlings and why did they become so frightened when he mentioned werewolves?

Alex is a city boy and is really excited to explore the woods at Wolf Creek. He wants to take as much pictures as he can especially one perfect for the Halloween Photography Contest back home. He meets Hannah who he becomes fast friends with. She'll be taking him to school for the weeks that he is at Wolf's Creek but before then they head to the woods where they meet Arjun and Sean. They go on about werewolves. It seems everyone believes in them even his teacher talks about them the next day! But, they are all just trying to scare them. There must be another explanation for the howls at night, why his Uncle and Aunt are being so protective, and why even Hannah is telling him that the Marlings are werewolves. I mean Hannah must be just trying to scare him.... right?

This was such a perfect book! It was set during Halloween. I happened to notice that R.L. Stine likes to reuse names. I'm not surprised because he has written like 200 books! That's just a wild guess. Alex and Hannah were used for names in the other books I read for the Highlight. Anyways this book was truly spooky. I loved the twists. I expected only a little but at the end it was such a surprise! It is so great and I liked the characters more. They seem more developed. I don't know. It didn't seemed as rushed as the one's I didn't like as much.

About the werewolves. Alex's teacher explains the whole story of werewolves. They actually wear wolf skin and then they transform into actual wolves. It's a pretty interesting take on it. It made it more interesting. A GREAT R.L. Stine book!

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Goosebumps #10: The Ghost Next Door by R.L. Stine

Summary: Hannah's neighborhood has gotten a little weird since the new boy moved in next door. He just keeps disappearing--and he's so pale. Is Hannah being haunted by--the ghost next door? (Goodreads)

Hannah just woke up from a dream filled with flames and is happy to be alive in what has been a boring summer. Her friends haven't contacted her the whole summer! She has had to hang around her house with her two twin six year old brothers Herb and Bill who find everything hilarious. Her mother and father don't really pay too much attention to her but they are not really that much in the whole story.

Hannah just walks outside and Bam! she was crashed into by Danny the new neighbor next door. The new neighbor that she had never met before... the new neighbor that just appeared one day out of nowhere... Danny is a mystery to Hannah. Who is this boy? He's in the same grade so how come I've never met him or any of his friend's? His two friends who like to get in trouble. And since she met him this hooded figure has been tracing her but is it just her imagination or is it Danny? Is Danny a ghost?

This was such a great R.L. Stine book! It kept me wondering. It was so good it even surprised me in the end. It made me doubt my thoughts and what was going to happen in the end. This a worthwhile read! I'm not saying as much because I don't want to ruin anything!

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Goosebumps #45: Ghost Camp by R.L. Stine

Summary: The joke's on them! Harry and his brother, Alex, are dying to fit in at Camp Spirit Moon. But the camp has so many weird traditions. Like the goofy camp salute. The odd camp greeting. And the way the old campers love to play jokes on the new campers. Then the jokes start to get really serious. Really creepy. Really scary. First a girl sticks her arm in the campfire. Then a boy jams a pole through his foot. Still, they're just jokes . . . right?(Goodreads)

Harry and Alex Altman are going to summer camp. They are sometimes called the Altman twins because of their incredible likeness in the way that they appear. They both have straight black hair and dark brown eyes. They are also the same height even though Harry is one year older than Alex. The books narrator is Harry by the way. Harry is the athletic one while Alex is a singer.

Now they are on their way to Camp Spirit Moon. They are the only ones on the bus. It's unfortunate that they are the only ones on the bus because Alex could use the distraction. He's bus sick which is a phrase I've never heard before. I've only heard of car sick which he gets even when his mom backs out of the driveway. If I were him I'd just walk to school. So back to topic. They are left off in the middle of the woods. They walk a couple of minutes and see the camp. They start walking towards camp when they notice something odd. Where are all the campers? They start to panic but soon a counselor comes and tells them that it's a camp tradition to hide from the new campers. Of course they didn't find it funny.

They meet Uncle Marv who proceeds to tell them about the tradition, where to do, and the salute the campers have. He's described as resembling a grizzly bear. He has a booming voice which comes in handy later. Which I will talk about (yep you guessed it) later on in the review. They go to their cabin first which is where they discover something that is another one of the strange things at the camp which is blue puddles that are ice cold. Then they head to the campfire where he meets Lucy and Alex meets Elvis. They sort of become friends with them. Lucy does a strange thing. She puts her hand in the fire and she doesn't get burned! A lot of these things happen during the book to a point where they think they are going crazy. Joey, another camper, makes a joke out of it. Teasing them and so do the other campers when they freak out.

Two things that happen in the campfire are very important in the story. Lucy asks frantically Harry to help her but before he could respond he has to go back with the group. The other thing is the telling of two ghost stories by Uncle Marv. Here comes his handy booming voice. Everyone instantly get serious as he tells them these two stories but Harry feels that they are a joke. The thing about these stories are that they are real!

The story was pretty good. It wasn't amazing but it wasn't bad either. Harry kept on yelling the whole which was kind of irritating but it wasn't a big deal. All of his books are pretty short so you can't really get into everything that well. I mean if it was more in depth it would be better. But, that's how his books are. There short and appealing little books. I don't see myself getting scared by them. If they are good they get an Oh! response out of me. They can be interesting but I haven't read a scary one yet. There was only one that scared me and it was on the Goosebumps show. The Haunted Mask. That was pretty spooky. The twist is so much better in this book than the last one. All in all it was a good read.

Ghost Camp: the cover

I've got a bone to pick with this cover. It illustrates what it's about but it is completely wrong! The campers wear all white and the main characters are two boys. Not a girl. It looks like the illustrator didn't read the book. I know. Silly thing to have a problem with. Well folks now you know what R.L. Stine book I'll be highlighting next so watch out for it!

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Goosebumps #54: Don't Go To Sleep by R.L. Stine

Summary: It's a no-snooze situation! Matt hates his tiny bedroom. It's so small it's practically a closet! Still, Matt's mom refuses to let him sleep in the guest room. After all, they might have guests. Some day. Or year. Then Matt does it. Late one night. When everyone's in bed. He sneaks into the guest room and falls asleep. Poor Matt. He should have listened to his mom. Because when Matt wakes up, his whole life has changed. For the worse. And every time he falls asleep, he wakes up in a new nightmare. . . .(Goodreads)

The first R.L. Stine review! Matthew Amsterdam (Matt) is a 12 year old "geek" or so called by his older brother and sister Greg and Pam. It all starts off with him getting hit on the head with a Star Trek poster while looking for one of his favorite books - Ant Attack on Pluto. It's kind of funny that book because it mentions how Pluto is a planet. Poor Pluto. I still consider you a planet. He's tripping all over the place because his room is so small and is packed to the gills with junk which is weird he calls it that. You shouldn't call things you love junk. I would never call my books junk... Any who both of his siblings are making fun of him and Greg in particular is describing him into a tape recorder like he is an animal in the Safari calling him geek every five seconds. His sister is going along with it and when he insults her she threatens to sick Biggie on him who is their Dachshund. Biggie only hates Matt. He likes strangers more than he likes him.

His mother isn't regularly there. She has two jobs on account of she doesn't have their father to help support the bill. The father died when Matt was a baby. He feels she doesn't pay much attention to him and when he tells her about how his siblings have acted she doesn't take it seriously. So the whole thing is there is a guest room that is bigger than his room and he wants that as his room. So he sleeps there one night and the next day everything is different. Every time he sleeps something new happens to him. He either looks different or his family is different. There is a constant each time. This girl named Lacy is always there. There is also two guys wearing black who are looking for him.

This book wasn't as great as it could be to me. It wasn't that scary even if I was younger I wouldn't be as scared or mysterious as it is in the other R.L. Stine books. The book cover looks like it would be more exciting but it didn't really work out that way. It's weird I remember reading it before and liking it. Maybe it was a different one? It also seemed a little bit too bit exaggerated. The wist wasn't that great too. It was an okay book.

Update #3

So finally it's time for the week of R.L. Stine Author Highlight. I was supposed to start yesterday... sorry about that! But I'm starting today. Yay!.... So stay tuned for a whole week of R.L. Stine books with maybe a couple of regular books in between. Hope you enjoy them. (:

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Amulet: Book One - The Stonekeeper by Kazu Kibuishi

Summary: After a family tragedy, Emily, Navin, and their mother move to an old ancestral home to start a new life. On the family's very first night in the mysterious house, a strange noise lures them into the basement, where Em and Navin's mom is kidnapped by a humongous, tentacled creature and dragged down behind the basement door.

The kids give chase down a twisty spiral stairway and find themselves in a strange and magical world below. Most surprising of all, it seems that their great-grandfather, who was an inventor and puzzle maker, was there before them – and he's left some unfinished business.

Now it's up to Em and Navin to figure out how to set things right and save their mother's life! (Goodreads)

Before I start reviewing I'm just going to let you know that Amulet is a graphic novel. I've only read Batman ones so this was an interesting experience fore me.

Emily loses her father in a car accident while on there way to pick up her brother Navin. Two Years later they move to a kind of small town that a kind of have a bone to pick with. 28,000? Exactly 28,0000? The author could have come up with something more interesting than that. Anyways... they move to this house that was in the family. It once belonged to her great grandfather who mysteriously disappeared after his wife died. Her mom explains on how he was a puzzle maker when actually she felt he made more toys.

This explanation happens after Emily wanders around and finds this sort of library that has some robotic toys. There is this book in the center and under it is a hand print. She puts her hand there and Navin oddly says she shouldn't (he says this a lot). It's kind of weird how he acts. He's a little too worried for a little kid. So she gets a little bit of blood drawn from her and this necklace with yes the amulet comes out. She takes it and head out. All that time there was this blob thingy looking a t her and a person as well in the shadows.

The amulet decided to talk to her and tell her to keep her family close. Next thing you know there is a sound coming from downstairs. Her mother investigates and it's this tentacle thingy that decides to eat her.... Not really. She's just in it's stomach which I don't get. Maybe it's going to eat her slowly? Ugh. It probably was going to eat her later and take her home. (Like that's any better)

Okay. So they go into this alternate universe and she uses the amulet to save her brother from this thingy. She still needs to save her mother but in the meanwhile she is saved by this big robot who ends up being.... a small pink bunny robot. There's a bunch of this at this mansion. There she talks to her great grand father who was thought to have disappeared. He gives her a choice to become the Stonekeeper or not. The risk if she doesn't is her mother's life.

This graphic novel is a little faced pace for me... not in the good fast paced. It doesn't explain as much as it should. It's kinda sloppy in the the writing is. Not that it's bad writing but it is just the way it is written in the thought bubble looks like a kid wrote it. The car accident where her father dies was not very convincing. I mean it wasn't really dramatic enough. It's also not my age range which is probably why I'm not raving about it. It should be a good story for kids in Elementary I think. That's what it seems to be targeted for. But it has to be a little more of the younger Elementary kids because I don't think it would be stimulating enough for say 5th graders.

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Update #2

Now it's time to read a marathon of....................................PERCY JACKSON! If you haven't read them yet don't read the other posts so you don't mess anything up for yourself! If you haven't read it hopefully I can convince you to read them. They are quite fantastic. I guess I've always liked Greek Mythology because I loved these books but if you don't really know about Greek Mythology you will. This book is hilarious as well so.... *sigh* this is such a fantastic series. Hopefully I can be able to show you how great it truly is. I'm kind of worried because I remember most of it so it's not as great as it was the first. That's like a fact unless you completely forget what happened in the book. I'm going to try to do all the posts after I do the R.L. Stine Highlight. I'm thinking I might do a highlight on a character or a God after I review each book. Maybe background info. I might also rant about the movies. I don't know. All I know is this is going to be so much fun!

Cover Love: I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone

Isn't this cover beautiful!? I love covers that are photographs. I love photographers. Every cover that has a picture are always fantastic.... usually. This one just nailed it on it's head. The splash of color on the bottom is perfect. The boots she wears are so hers. (The main characters) This book talks about punk rock and that means the cover has to emulate that but also the life of the character and this cover does just fine. (: I love black. It makes anyone wearing it look awesome so by default I kind of have to love this cover. Of course there has to be more than that and this cover has It. Check out my review on it coming really soon! I mean it. I already have it ready. It's a real good book.

*Edit* Ooops! Since I wrote it before Divergent it came out before it. Sorry about the confusion!

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Summary: Beatrice "Tris" Prior has reached the fateful age of sixteen, the stage at which teenagers in Veronica Roth's dystopian Chicago must select which of five factions to join for life. Each faction represents a virtue: Candor, Abnegation, Dauntless, Amity, and Erudite. To the surprise of herself and her selfless Abnegation family, she chooses Dauntless, the path of courage. Her choice exposes her to the demanding, violent initiation rites of this group, but it also threatens to expose a personal secret that could place in mortal danger. Veronica Roth's young adult Divergent trilogy launches with a captivating adventure about love and loyalty playing out under most extreme circumstances. (Goodreads)

Beatrice or Tris is from the Selfless faction (Abnegation) but she's not at all like that. Her brother is always selfless. Thinking ahead and being selfless whenever he can. She has been scolded all her life for "acting out". She doesn't really. All she does is talk and ask questions when she's not supposed to. At least that's all the book shows you. She has to wear gray garbs to hide her beauty? It's supposed to be to stop them from looking at themselves being selfish and vain.

She has to take a sort of "test" to see what faction she will be in. It is her choice anyways but still it shows you where you should be at. She could be Candor (honest) who dress in black and white because how they see the world. What you have to know about all these factions it's that virtue but heightened. The Candor are extremely honest. Mean honest. Abnegation (selfless) who help out the factionless who are those who fail initiation or are cast out. They also run the government which the Erudite are too happy about. Since they have the intelligent thirst for knowledge and want to improve whereas the Selfless are completely opposite. They really don't like each other and throughout the book the leader is bashing them trying to get everyone to go against them. The Amity are the peaceful and they are always happy. That's not how life is. They are so...fake. They are not in reality. Last but not least are the Dauntless. They are the courageous people who protect the border. From what you ask? (;

Of course she picks Dauntless because it just wouldn't be that interesting if she didn't. She could have picked two others though and that is a problem. She's divergent. She's dangerous. And picking Dauntless is even more of a problem is she would have picked Erudite because it is even more of a complete opposite than Erudite. Actually it kind of is. Not Erudite. The way she picks though was so symbolic. You have to cut yourself and pour blood on the symbol of the faction you want. She does a very interesting thing.

The whole book is basically initiation for her. She has to go through physical, mental, and emotional tests before being an official Dauntless. And there are less spots then they are people. She makes some friends. It's weird though because if she's not vulnerable they kind of hate her. Why do they hate her when she's strong? Maybe because she's a threat because when she is strong she is better than them. She is divergent after all. She's not just Dauntless. She's more than that and that freaks her out. She's afraid someone will figure it out and they won't be as nice as the instructor was. She let her go and didn't say anything. She was inconclusive.

Four is one of her.....instructors? He is there with Eric who is basically the angry and evil person form of Dauntless while Four is of a hero type. I mean he's courageous but not cruel. There are a lot of Eric's. Well a small group of them anyways. Peter is the leader of that little group. He'll do anything to get ahead but not just ahead because he wants to be at the top. That ends being a problem for Tris.

This book was so amazing! I had a bad feeling like it was going to like other dysopian books but it was it's own unique self. I really liked Tris and her story was super interesting. Has some action to it. There's more to this book that I didn't mention but I don't want to ruin anything. It's a very intricate book. Fantastico!!!!!!!! If you like dystopians you'll love this book!!!

I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone by Stephanie Kuehnert

Summary: A raw, edgy, emotional novel about growing up punk and living to tell.

The Clash. Social Distortion. Dead Kennedys. Patti Smith. The Ramones. Punk rock is in Emily Black's blood. Her mother, Louisa, hit the road to follow the incendiary music scene when Emily was four months old and never came back. Now Emily's all grown up with a punk band of her own, determined to find the tune that will bring her mother home. Because if Louisa really is following the music, shouldn't it lead her right back to Emily? (Goodreads)

Emily Black has been following the music just like her mom has all her life. Louisa left her husband and daughter when the fear of her badness would fill them up and destroy them like it destroyed her. Michael Black has been waiting for his wife since she left him one fateful night. Molly has always longed for her best friend to back home to her and her family.

Emily is really messed up. She tries to become her mother who she's always yearned for. Her father has been good to her though. He has always taken care of her though he is kind of oblivious to what she does in her teenage years and those things really made me want to stop reading already. And it was like just the first chapter! I would have missed amazingness (I don't care if it's not a word!) but I'll explain why I felt that way. What you need to know is that this book is not appropriate for younger children. At all. The first chapter showed that. She was just having sex with Rock Gods well wannabe ones in the beginning and it was talking about her having sex.... gross I know but just read on! I also felt like a prude but I guess that's how I am. The sex, smoking, and drinking in the beginning were annoying me. I just think that is so stupid. Choices can make you or break you and I would never do anything stupid like that to ruin the goals in my life. See? I do sound like a prude. Whatever.

This book which I didn't expect goes from Emily's perspective to Louisa's perspective. Good job Stephanie! I never thought about it doing that but it makes the book so much more complicated and... better! So Emily's father kind of bothered me.He was cool but kind of sad. He didn't really live. He just waited and seemed depressed to me. He lived for his daughter which was nice but still sad. I wish he just went crazy sometimes or went on a trip or something! Not for his daughter but for himself. He still wore his wedding ring all those years. That's devotion. Still... she didn't deserve it. I'm sure from his perspective it was worth it.

Louisa explains why she left and at the beginning I really could understand why she left. (It was a whoa moment when I read it). But, at the end I thought yeah. No. It wasn't a good enough excuse especially for how long she left. It was maddening. She moves from city to city and she can't forgive herself and she always thinks she's doing her husband and daughter a favor but she is dying inside from it. She feels so much pain from it. A little too much for me but then again my mother never left me and she basically idolized her and her father did as well so she always seemed perfect and tough to her.

Emily's a singer and musician. She starts a band with her best friend (Molly's daughter who has her own probems during the story) and her best friend's boyfriend (a boy from a very conservative family). She has a boyfriend herself - Johnny or like she nicknamed him Johnny Threat. He changes the direction of her life in a way that really pulls you in to the story even more. This book pulled me in a way I never thought it would in the beginning of the story. I was going to stop reading it! *gasp*. I am SO glad I didn't. It was so much more than I thought it would be and it surprised me so much. It was the book that I expected from the summary but so much more. Books are always so much more. Fantastic book! Read it!!! :D

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Divergent: the cover

The cover of Divergent seems great but it's really just okay. The fire looks fake. I know that's weird to say but it just looks manufactured. Why fire anyway? I guess since everything is going downhill in their world. I mean... a war is coming on? I don't know. It reminds me of The Hunger Games poster which I will not be talking about here because I just really don't want to rant that long. I'll probably go into that later. The fire also might be a symbol of the factions or a faction but I don't remember one of them being a fire eye thingy. The city at the bottom actually looks real and the grey is a nice effect (stormy clouds) for two reasons. One that (expression?) a storms a brewing comes to mind and the clothes that the main character has to where in her faction. I will be posting my review on the book soon so stay tuned!

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Waiting for Normal by Leslie Connor

Summary:Twelve-year-old Addie tries to cope with her mother's erratic behavior and being separated from her beloved stepfather and half-sisters when she and her mother go to live in a small trailer by the railroad tracks on the outskirts of Schenectady, New York. (Goodreads)

I don't know why the summary is so short but I guess that's what I' here for. (;
Addie is just an ordinary upcoming sixth grade who plays the flute but desires to play the piccolo one day. She of course has her twists and turns in her life like everyone does. That flute I was talking about is stolen. Her mother is all or nothing which for me is code name for bipolar. Her father dies when she was still a toddler. She does have sisters but they are her half sisters. Her step-father... well ex-stepfather Dwight is a real nice guy but push come to shove he couldn't live with her mother anymore. He took his two daughters wth him but has always cared about Addie. He sets them up in tis trailer that her mother complains about day in and day out. I don't know why she cares since she's always on her computer. Chatting with this guy.

She makes a couple of school friends at a kind of orchestra club. She has this journal where she writes words and looks them up later in her Websters dictionary. She happens to have dyslexia. She feels she doesn't have what her mother calls "The Love of Learning." She makes friends with Soula and the gas station owner which sorry I forgot his name. They care for her. It's kind of not realistic how much they like having her around knowing that they are adults but with what they have to deal with it's no wonder they need a good laugh.

My mom actually read this book before me and like it. That's a first. I t was a really good story. I guess since I'm not that age anymore but it was real awkward for me when she was talking about the effects of puberty on her. That's not really how it happened but the book talked about it. It's a very touching story and my mom said something that was nice. She wanted to take her home with her. Towards the end and how she feels about the whole situation she's in is why I think she said so because it is very sad but a very rewarding read.

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Cover Love: Waiting for Normal

Warning: I love book covers so I will have a lot of these. Cover Loves I mean. I'm describing the first book by the way as my Cover Love then I'm going to compare both covers. I originally thought that Waiting for Normal was about a teenager so it completely through me off when she was just a sixth grader. The reason I'm saying this is because the cover is part of what made me think that. When I read the summary and I saw the cover I assumed. The trailer also throws you off because in the story it sounds ugly. I actually just picked this book to read because of the cover. I kind of knew if the plot was even half way decent I was going to read it. The cover is beautiful. I love the color blue and the sky. It all calming. And the colors complement each other. You'll like the story too. It's sweet. The other makes it seem more for children. It's kind of more appropriate but I love them both. The book is coming soon so stay tuned! (I know that's only with television shows or radio but I don't know what else to say.) (:

Update #1

Aaah! I haven't been posting even though I've read two books. I have hardly been commenting on Goodreads as well. For Shame! I'll be posting more tomorrow. I also made a decision. Since I am reading The Son of Neptune XD I'll post the review after I read the rest of the books again. I'm sure most people know the books by now but if not it'll be there. Also, it feels wrong not to. I don't know why. Well I hope you check back soon!

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R.L. Stine: Author Highlight

I plan on doing a highlight hopefully at least once a month but if not I'll do it as much as I can. It's a weekly thing. So from October 25th to October 31st I'll be reading R.L. Stine's books. As much as I can. Why? Halloween of course! And because it'll be fun. The whole point of this blog.

R.L. Stine was such a great part of my childhood. I actually mostly saw The Goosebumps shows. They were soooo good! He's such a great author of scary stories but it's never too terrifying. It's for those middle years of your childhood. Which is perfect for me. I'll never grow out of them because it's a good read for any age. You know those books you used to like but now that you read them they are way too childish? Well these aren't those books. He also has been writing books for more of the teenage crowd which are really good too. My brother used to have a bunch of R.L. Stine books so I still have a bunch to read during this week. And as they are shorter then the usual books I read I'll get more reviews done! I have mostly the older books he has written so it's nothing new unless you haven't read them which I haven't read too. (That rhymed! Awesome.) So I can't wait to get started and I hope you'll like reading my reviews as much as I'll like writing them.

Bloom! A Little Book About Finding Love by Maria Van Lieshout

Summary: Bloom isn’t interested in playing in messy mud puddles with other pigs. She’d rather galavant among pretty flowers. Bloom LOVES flowers and other pretty things. She also likes attention. And when a beautiful butterfly, a “flying flower” wafts by, she falls head over heels in love. But she soon learns that attraction is fleeting, and friendship brings a deeper, more satisfying love.

Maria Van Lieshout deftly, gently portrays the true meaning of love and friendship in story and pictures that are perfect for readers of all ages. (Goodreads)

A sweet and simple book about a pig named Bloom falling in love. Bloom loves flowers and singing and dancing. She sees a flower in the sky (a butterfly) and falls in love but is quickly heartbroken when it flies away. The other pig in the story who's name is not mentioned and who loves muddy puddles does something to help make sure Bloom knows that they care about her. My only problem was that it was too short! (;

I'm going to put what I think about the cover because it pertains to the books art in the book. Usually I do a whole new post but not here. The art is simple but lovely. I love how it was painted. I don't know much about art but it seems that it was painted like with watercolors you used when you were a kid. I'm sure artists use them too. Lieshout actually wrote and did the illustrations for this book. She has other books that have the words a little book about. I'm sure there as sweet as this one.

They are: Tumble! A Little Book About Having It All, Peep! A Little Book About Taking A Leap, and Splash! A Little Book About Bouncing Back. She's also the author of Hopper and Wilson which came out a couple months ago. It looks very promising.

Perfect Chemistry: the cover

I've got to hand it to them. One thing really going for this book is the cover. Simone seems to really like the color black because all of her books have black in them! I guess it's like her signature thing. The cover is very nice. I like how now young adult books are mostly having not drawings but pictures as their cover. At least as far as I know books they didn't have pictures of people before. I also like how there is actually someone with color on this cover. It's just that whenever there are pictures of people on covers their usually white. Which is cool but it's not...factual... well it's just that not everyone looks the same in the world and has the same color.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Summary: A fresh, urban twist on the classic tale of star-crossed lovers.

When Brittany Ellis walks into chemistry class on the first day of senior year, she has no clue that her carefully created “perfect” life is about to unravel before her eyes. She’s forced to be lab partners with Alex Fuentes, a gang member from the other side of town, and he is about to threaten everything she's worked so hard for—her flawless reputation, her relationship with her boyfriend, and the secret that her home life is anything but perfect. Alex is a bad boy and he knows it. So when he makes a bet with his friends to lure Brittany into his life, he thinks nothing of it. But soon Alex realizes Brittany is a real person with real problems, and suddenly the bet he made in arrogance turns into something much more. In a passionate story about looking beneath the surface, Simone Elkeles breaks through the stereotypes and barriers that threaten to keep Brittany and Alex apart. (Goodreads)

Alex Fuentes is a gang member for the Latino Bloods. He may seem tough but he has a nice side too. He only joined the Bloods to protect his two brothers and mother. He had to join so his brothers didn't have to. Since this is the way it has to be he doesn't plan on going to college. It's not like he is dumb though. He wants to finish high school to prove he can.

Brittany Ellis fakes her way through school. I mean that she puts on an image while out of her house. Where her older sister has a disability and spends her time all day. She feels like she has to be the perfect one so her parents won't have to worry about her and spend their time wisely by focusing on her sister. She dresses and acts like she's supposed to.

The north side and he south side are completely different people. One side rich and white the other poor and Mexican. They meet in chemistry class and a series of events including a bet, an almost car accident, some confrontation, and a chemistry teacher that has a no nonsense attitude forces them together in what ends up being something rare. Love blossoming from both of them. The north side and the south side.

This book wasn't that great. It was very disappointing. The only reason I finished is because I wanted to know what happened. I do not know why people think this book is so great. Oh, my life is so hard! Woe is me. They keep thinking like this and Brittany keeps on saying how she has to put up this wall. Everything seemed so fake in this story. It was more thinking and less actually showing me. A large majority of Alex's and Brittany's thought were how they wanted to touch each other or have sex with each other (Alex had these thoughts a lot). This book was written so poorly. I'm surprised because I did like Simone Elkeles book Leaving Paradise. It's too bad. It had such potential. I do not recommend reading this book.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shift by Jennifer Bradbury

Imagine you and your best friend head off on a cross-country bike trek.

Imagine that you get into a fight — the cheap s.o.b. won't kick in any cash.

Imagine you stop riding together.

Imagine you reach Seattle then come home alone, still p.o-ed.

Imagine the FBI is now at your college dorm.

Imagine finding out that your former best friend never made it home.

And imagine that he had actually been carrying over $20,000 in cash with him.

Imagine your world shifting....

A tour-de-force about biking, friendship, and the depths of loyalty by a debut novelist who has in fact biked cross country.

Chris comes back from a 2 month long trip riding his bike the whole way and he is now back for his first year in college. The first week he gets a surprise because an FBI agent comes to talk to him. What would an FBI agent want with him you ask. Well, the problem is his friend never came back for college. His friend actually ditched him while on the road with him because he did come with him riding his bike along with him the whole way through until he ditched him. Chris ended up giving up and on his friend and going to college like he was supposed to. Like they were both supposed to. So why would he be surprised that someone was asking question. But an FBI agent? It turns out that Winston (Win) never did come back even though after all the questioning his parents did stopped he assumed that he came back.

Win's father is this big time CEO. He is commanding and dominating. He is able to make even a Senator shake in his boots. His mother isn't really any better. All she does is travel and spend money. She always ends up giving Win money because she feels guilty. Why guilty? Probably because they never really there for him. Which is probably why he gets in to so much trouble and is the way he is. A smart alec would be one way to describe him but it's not really his fault...

On the other hand Chris's mother and father are exactly what Win needs. Win is really important to them. They have been friends for a decade. The book says that they feel like he's like another son to them but I really didn't say that. Anyways... his mother is really emotional and always protective. He's father is a quiet but seems to be a great man and father. Chris can always tell his father anything. Well almost... I'm not going to elaborate on that. You'll just have to see for yourself!

I really loved this book. Chris is such a likable character and I loved his narration. The books chapters are separated into two. It alternates between after he is gone and what Chris has to deal with when Win isn't there. Mainly his father. Well, actually all of it his father. Then it's a chapter of before Win left and then over and over again. This is a great book about friendship. A great book about finding yourself.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Absolutely Maybe by Lisa Yee

Summary: Meet Maybelline Mary Katherine Mary Ann Chestnut, named for two Miss Americas and her mother Chessy's favorite brand of mascara. Chessy teaches the students in her charm school her Seven Select Rules for Young Ladies, but she won't tell Maybe who her real father is - or protect her from her latest scuzzball boyfriend. So Maybe hitches a ride to California with her friends Hollywood and Thammasat Tantipinichwong Schneider (aka Ted) - and what she finds there is funny, sad, true, and inspiring... vintage Lisa Yee.

Maybe is one of the "weird" girls in her school in Kissimmee, Florida. Ah, Florida... I love that she's from Florida. Unfortunately she doesn't like it there. She always has a different color hair one where she died her hair with Kool-aid! That would be cool if that could really happen in real life. I wonder... She wears men's XL T-shirts and her mother Chessy whom she calls Chessy which no one makes a big deal out of or explains always calls her out on it. Saying if she lossed weight and got some new clothes/makeup she'd be a real catch. I really don't like her mother.

Maybe's friends are oddballs too. Well to the people of Kissimmee. They sound pretty normal to me. Actually I think they are part of that artistic crowd that I am always jealous of. Problem is she doesn't have any real talent... well none that are obvious. Like with everyone. Sometimes our talents aren't obvious. So her best friend Ted was adopted when his parents found him at the base of a St. Anthony's statue and he has a book next to him called My Thai Baby. So his parents are obsessed with Thai culture and they make sure he calls them Maah and Paaw. He goes to Thai Culture Club and whenever he sees someone that's Asian he asks them if they are Thai. He's weird like that. He's such a talker. In California he gets a job with Miss de la Tour a famous movie star in her time who loves him and who wouldn't? He talks about himself but it's nice. He's a real character.

Hollywood is going to go to college at USC. He always has his camera out filming Maybe and Ted or anything/anyone else he can. He has a afro, is really tall, and skinny. He really likes Maybe. He even tried to kiss her once but Maybe has always seen him as just a friend. His is the car all three of them take to go to California which he nicknamed The Green Hornet. Yeah I know! Awesome name. It's a really rundown car. He has a picture of James Dean who he idolizes in is car. It's laminated too. Hollywood is kind of emotional. He was pushed by Maybe to go for his dream and this really helps a lot by Ted and Maybe going with him to keep him strong. That's not the reason she's going though. The reason she is going is because her mother who owns a Charm school to give tips to girls in pageants, has married 6 people but not her father, and who is an alcoholic basically denied that her new fiance tried to rape her. She thought she consented to it. That annoyed me soooo much. She leaves to find her real father but what she finds is way more than that. She finds new friends and old ones but most importantly of all she finds herself. At least a little part. She is a teenager it's a tough time!

I loved the characters. They seemed like people that I could know and I would like. There are some few surprises which I probably should have suspected and I did but just before it happened and another I thought of but dismissed.The story was a good one and you should read it. It wasn't mind blowingly amazing but it was still a good read.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cover Love: Absolutely Maybe

Whenever I'm reading a book or about to read a book that's cover is as amazing as this one I'll put it up. This books cover tells everything and it's vivid colors and distinct cover attracts the eye. It's what made me pick up the book. You know how sometimes you just see a book and want it no matter what without even knowing what it's about? This is one of them. Of course I'll be reading it so stay tuned for the review. It'll be coming soon!