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The Problem Child by Michael Buckley

If you noticed the cover there is a new addition to the Grimms. Well actually an old one because that is Uncle Jake (Jacob). He hasn't been around for twelve years. But before I get into that I know that the book left you with a cliffhanger last time. I wonder if you noticed and they do mention it a couple of times in this book they mentioned a brother. That's pretty important. It's also pretty shocking.

So back to Uncle Jake. He and his brother used to get into so much trouble but hardly anyone remembers him and that's for a reason. He did something... bad. Granny Relda won't say. He has a coat of magic and because of him Sabrina has this new power. She gets pretty addicted. Of course again everyone gets mad at her. It's ridiculous. How is she still such a pain!? She's better I know but she's always making mistakes. She'll learn. Actually she does always make mistakes and at that time sheesh... so I forgive her.

Puck doesn't appreciate all thi…

A Grimm Reaction: The Unusual Suspects

In this post I will post my reaction to some events that occurred. It's actually only one but for others you never know. This is the other favorite moment like I mentioned in the last post. I thought it would be fun so let me know what you think.

"You know me, Wolf," Puck said bravely. "You take another step or try to harm anyone here and you will have to answer to me."
The beast studied the boy for a long moment and then a chuckle came up through his throat. "Trickster," he said, sniffing the boy. "Love will be the end of you."
Puck blushed. "I don't know what you're talking about."
The Wolf turned and eyed Sabrina. He chuckled and then turned his eyes back on the boy.

When I first read it. Wait what!? They already mentioned Puck and Sabrina together!!??

When I read love will be the end of you. He DID NOT just say that!!!!

After initial shock are the happy tears. Such a sweet moment.

When Mr. Canis looks at Sabrina. Happiness.…

A Grimm Review: The Unusual Suspects

So this review is basically the same as the first but it will be very spoilery so I suggest you don't read it if you haven't read this book already. Hope you enjoy!

Grimm Characters

In this book Sabrina is always angry and she's picking fights with everyone little does she know she's being controlled but still it was her emotions and anger but amplified. Will she be able ever to forgive herself?
-Sabrina Grimm

Daphne loves her new hairdo provided by with the help of Puck. She can keep a ruler and a snack for later in there, she's Ms. Popularity, Snow White is her teacher which makes her so happy she might barf, she's "law enforcement", but her sister is being a real pain in the behind.
-Daphne Grimm

Granny admits to Sabrina that she is suspicious of the Everafters but would never go as far as say they were all bad. She is always angry at her it seems in this book and doesn't appreciate bigotry. On bigotry I realized a children's book brought t…

The Unusual Suspects by Michael Buckley

Ah. This is one of my favorite covers of the Sisters Grimm other than the Everafter War. As you can see Puck's wings are pink! So fantastic. Now on to the review.

The Sisters Grimm have been thrust with the Grimm responsibility. They must keep the peace between humans and Everafters. They also for the last three weeks have had to accept this fate while Sabrina is all gung-ho about doing detective work she rather do it finding her parents and she does most of the time.

Now they have been avoiding it for three weeks but they are finally forced to go to school. It's unfortunate to Sabrina who's being made fun of and who is all of a sudden raging at the Everafters. She doesn't trust anyone of them because one of them took her parents away but no one else seems to acknowledge what is staring at them right in the face.

Now Daphne on the other hand is having the time of her life at school. Who wouldn't if they has Ms.White a.k.a. Snow White from Snow White and the Seven …

A Grimm Review: The Fairy-Tale Detectives

This post will be a review of characters, favorite moments, and etc. This post doesn't really give anything away but I would be cautious if you haven't read the first book in the Sister Grimm series.

Grimm Characters

"She tucked her long blond hair behind her ear and turned her head away from the window, promising herself that she would be strong and not let her sister see her cry. She had to be the strong one; after all, she was almost twelve years old."
-Sabrina Grimm
"Sabrina's seven-year-old sister had had her face pressed against the window throughout the two-hour trip. Daphne had marveled at each ugly little spot on the map they rolled through, taking a break from the view only to ask the occasional question about their destination."
-Daphne Grimm

"The girls looked up to find a chubby old woman standing in front of them. She was dressed in an ankle-length, navy blue dress with a white shawl around her shoulders. Her long, gray hair was streake…

The Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley

Sabrina and Daphne Grimm have only had each other for a year and a half while they battled crazy, dangerous, and forgetful foster families. It all started when their parents, Henry and Veronica Grimm, disappeared. There was no sign of them. All that was left was a red hand print in their apartment.

Now going to Ferryport Landing Sabrina and Daphne are about to discover the worse foster parent of all because this one actually claims to be their grandmother when their father said she was dead and even stranger of all she actually admits to being crazy! Well she admits that she believes that fairy tales are true, that all Everafters (that's what fairy tale creatures like to call themselves) cannot leave Ferryport Landing as long as there is a Grimm is there, and that they are actually related. Sabrina knows better but her more than gullible sister Daphne is eagerly going with the story. But Sabrina is not going to believe her foster families web of lies. She's getting out of the…

It's A Grimm Week...

Yay! I did it. That picture took forever. Anyways I promised a long time ago that I would reread The Sisters Grimm Series and then finally read the last book. I don't recommend if you haven't read the series to read any of the posts except of course the first book. From tomorrow to next Monday I will be reading the series. Now this series I don't know who got it first me or my aunt and I don't know how we discovered it but this is one of the greatest series out there. Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and Sisters Grimm are the greatest series ever made in my opinion. Me and my aunt have read this series together and have loved it.

I know going into this I'll know things already so I can't really conspire with you guys in what's going to happen but I'll try my hardest. This week will also include a post after the book review post and that will be for anyone who has read the book. I'm sure it'll be only me but it makes me happy so I'm going to do …

The Sky Inside You by Marco Moreno Flores

I've never reviewed a poetry book so bear with me. The book is separated into three parts. Life, Love, and Eternity. Now dividing it up in sections is a good way to go. Dividing them up with the major themes even thought the last section, Eternity, should have been named Death but I understand why the author did that. It's the same thing plus as you read the poems you know a couple of them have religious references.

Now I've only read poetry books by Mary Oliver and Kay Ryan. Now if you have ever read a book of poetry you notice how you only like a couple of them because all the other ones you don't fully understand. At least that's the way with me with m y experience. So I can safely say that you will actually understand these poems. I didn't like them all which has happened before but with the ones I did like I was like huh. I'm impressed. And I was because they were pretty entertaining and I stress again I can understand them all.

There wasn't reall…

When the Moon Forgot by Jimmy Liao

So here comes another picture book your way. I'm glad I decided to do this because of books like these. A boy finds the moon small, sick, and lost. It doesn't remember how it got there. While everyone else notices that the moon isn't there. Just like the people of this world someone somewhere decided to capitalize on this and make a moon toy for everyone. Now everyone can have their own moon but one boy has the real moon and that boy becomes great friends with the moon and then the moon remembers and has to go away. 

I thought this was touching. It's weird for me to say that because you always read that from reviews from the top dogs how this book was riveting and touching but it's true it was really touching. And the illustrations! Just fantastic. 

It starts out without any words. And it makes you scan the whole picture because the story already started and in that way you get to take in the story more. It makes you slow down. I haven't heard of this author/illu…


While I talked about before about my school troubles two other things happened during the two weeks that I didn't blog. One: I got a twitter. I thought I would never get a twitter but I wanted to support Secret Circle which is a great show that was cancelled after one season. It was perfect right after The Vampire Diaries and I would always want to see it first than TVD. Both these television shows were originally books by L.J. Smith. Apparently it didn't go by the book but I really didn't know about these series so it doesn't bother me particularly. So I'm saying it's a great television show that you should watch. Both series had had what has to be the greatest season finales I've ever seen. Seriously. It was epic. So I'm going to ask you guys to sign the petitions to save the Secret Circle. Watch the show. It's amazing.

The Secret Circle is about 6 families of witches that are in a circle. Together they are powerful. There are so many twists and t…

Shakespeare's Secret by Elise Broach

Everywhere Hero goes she gets made fun of by her name. This time when she moves she is humiliated the worst of all the times before. A girl in her classroom actually says that her dog is named Hero too. The silence is deafening before the uproar of laughter ensues. Hero couldn't have just five minutes of no one knowing her name. No! It's all thanks to her parents who met in college at a class that taught Shakespeare. And lucky her her father knows everything about everything that deals with Shakespeare because that's his job. She can't count how many times he has quoted Shakespeare.

Her mother on the other hand is actually a pretty normal mom who is always positive everything will be alright. While Hero's personality is a little bit on the serious side. Well, a lot on the serious side. You would be too if you were teased all the time. While she had to suffer from her name from the Shakespearean work of Much Ado About Nothing her sister, Beatrice, got the better en…

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

“Sometimes I feel hunted by my grief. It circles me, stalks me. It's always in my periphery. Sometimes I can fake it out. Sometimes I make myself go so still, it can't sense that I'm there anymore and it goes away. I do that right now.” 

Ugh. Before I go into the book review I must say that I had some other quotes and I returned the book before I can write them down! Woe is me.... So I settled for a quote I got off of Goodreads... Still good but I'm sad because my quotes were awesome... Pity party over. Now to get to the book.

Eddie's Reeves father left a hole in her family when he killed himself. He was a photographer that walked away from it all because he wanted to share his art. He didn't want his art to be seen as something so trivial as to be bought and sold. It's two months later and his death still lingers as much as it did when it was discovered that he did kill himself. 

Her mother never takes off his coat. She walks aimlessly through the house like …

The Lying Game by Sara Shepard

Emma's mother, Becky, left her at a friend's house one day for a sleepover and she never came back. She was abandoned at a young age age and she didn't really need to look too far for why. She still wonders where she is and if she is still alive but she wasn't really what you would call a stable mother. She would have these moments where she would be greatly depressed and start crying uncontrollably. She would wander away while Emma had to grow anxious with worry because she doesn't know where her mother is. And for a five year old that's a lot to take in.
Emma has lived in foster homes after foster homes because of her mom. She wishes so much for the perfect family. For a mom, a dad, and siblings who love her. Unfortunately that wish comes with a price. She sees a video online, a disturbing video, of someone who looks exactly like her that looks like she was strangled to death. She finds out that her name is Sutton and she is pretty well to do. This is girl, ho…

Child of Destiny by George H. Elder

Kara is an outcast. She bears a mark on her head. Something that makes you imperfect. Something that makes you evil. But her mom couldn't kill her daughter which was the duty of all the Labateen mothers who found imperfections on their newborns but Kara's mom saw a vision. Her daughter was there for something special. God had shown it to her. So when it was finally revealed what Kara was she was sent away but not before being saved by her mother.

The world is in turmoil. There is something in the universe that is missing. The Seeker is the only one who can set things right. On a mission to find him, Anita, lands unexpectedly on Labateen. It's a basic hunter and gatherer planet. A primitive one. There Anita finds Kara who seems to know more about the Seeker than she should. Can Kara be the one to save us all?
The book originally had great potential. I read an excerpt about it where Kara's mother was contemplating killing her and how she covered her mark up. What intrig…


Finally! I get to actually can read again! I haven't been able to read for about a week and a half. So I finally can get back to reading and my blog. So behind now it's ridiculous but know I will go into hyper mode. When I want to read I'll read a lot so expect a lot of reviews coming your way and something special next week.

This also means that I am so close to graduating! I'm pretty terrified in what college has in store for me. I am just so happy though that I'm done with my A.P. exams and I'm done with my senior project. My senior project btw is to create a business. I think you can all guess that the business I created was a bookstore. And you might be thinking that's so much fun! No. It took forever and it was demanding and it was horrible. I had to present in front of judges and I know now what I could have said but I'm done so I'm happy. Happy Reading Everyone!

Oh yeah. I won't be doing the picture books reviews on certain days because …

Carrot by Vanita Oelschlager Illustrated by Kristin Blackwood

Carrot the cat has a pretty good life. She lives in a house that's not too big and not too small, she gets to nap the day away, and chase mice up and down streets but also ends up helping a mouse recovering from the flu.

One day she sees this cat on a boat but not just any boat - a yacht. She starts imagining what life would be like as this beautiful and rich cat. Infinite amounts of comfort, food, and grooming. Doesn't sound too bad but really what would her family do without her and is that life really worth it?

Okay. This was my first review of a picture book in a long time. As you know I've decided to read more picture books so here's the first in what I hope to be many. So far so good.

I love cats even though they do tend to break my heart. I've raised a kitten before and you can't believe the quirks you notice on a cat that you raised. So of course I wanted to read this book and especially with all the hilarious cat photos cropping up all over the place …

Wednesday Picture Books

Hey guys. So I came to the decision that I will review picture books even though my norm is teens and middle school. I'm just going to try it out for now. There are only so many picture books in the library and I want to make sure I can review the way I usually do. It won't be a meme that says Wednesday Picture Books (maybe). I guess I'll just announce it on the review or before hand on a different post or review. So hope you enjoy!

Breathless by Lurlene McDaniel

Travis has always been at the edge of life which is probably why he is a diver. And despite being a diver when football always reigns he is still one of the most popular kids at school. One day he goes out with his girlfriend, his best friend, and his sister to Alabama's Lake Martin and he attempts to a dive off of Chimney Rock, the tallest cliff out there. He's done it before so he doesn't expect his leg to break half way through the dive. He also doesn't expect all the tests they run on him at the hospital. And he especially doesn't expect to have bone cancer. Everything changes and he asks his  best friend for the most impossible thing. Will he get his friend to help him out with a life altering decision?

The story is told between four POV's. Travis comes in and you get to know the wild guy who could be the life of the party if he wanted to be. Then you see him at his worst. He is fading away even becoming depressed. (That's not a surprise) He knows why…

77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz

Every 38 years The Pendleton is faced with mass murders and suicide. Some people just disappear never to be found again. But no on knows that it happens every 38 years except an old retired attorney named Silas who after his wife's death has become obsessed with The Pendleton's history. Then there is The One who is coming to get some of the people. He is The One. He's everything. He with The Witness will create a personal hell hole for The Pandleton residents. A time they will never forget or will have no more time to remember.

Finally the second book in my family's book club has been read and honestly thank God for that because this book like my mom has said before is like "pulling teeth". The beginning was like this. The last parts were pretty interesting seeing it all come together but it was just not for me.

The story is told through the perspectives of several people including The One and The Witness. You never know who The One is until much later and T…

April 2012 Cover Love

Another month another list of Cover Loves. This last months stand out covers for me were Banished by Sophie Littlefield, You Against Me by Jenny Downham, and Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell. 
Banished just brings you a sense of things are going to go down and she's about to kick some ass. Banished ended up being my first healer book and I'm happy to have it on my Cover Loves this month.
You Against Me just gives me goosebumps because of what the book is about and what the cover represents. Two families at war with each other. One right one wrong. The ones closest to the victims/accused come together and fall in love. Classic Romeo and Juliet story all about choices. I've been admiring this cover for awhile now and still can't believe I was able to read it. It exceeded my expectations.
Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe just was a perfect book at the perfect time. Yes, there was some flaws but again like I've said time and time again it is in that mus…