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(George) by E.L. Konigsburg

I've never read the famous From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler but I can say that I read E.L. Konigsburg's (George). If this book is any indication of how the Mixed-Up Files is I need to go read that book now!

Ben is a science prodigy. He lives with his mother and loud brother Howard. Howard is such an opposite of Ben. He got expelled out of Kindergarten! He's a very opinionated little boy. He's the only one who knows about George other than Ben. Ben knows George because he's inside of him. Literally a little man inside him who's funny and curses a lot. I don't know why they call George a little man when he supposedly his twin brother who lives inside him. His mom, Mrs. Carr doesn't know that she had concentric (having a common center) twins.

George makes Ben happy. He wants him to stop and smell the roses. He especially doesn't want him to try so hard to get people to become his friend especially that fake William. William is a senior in High School and has been lab partners with Ben before. Now Ben is in sixth grade and is taking Organic Chemistry. George is constantly fighting with him about it. Then lab equipment starts being stolen and the quarreling continues. Who can the thief be and is George just jealous of William or is Ben being blind to the truth?

Ben and George also have different personalities. I think his mom explained it best: "Howard, whom any man on the street or any teacher or any baby sitter could spot as a bundle of chaos, got everything out of his system through a well-developed opening, his mouth, his loud-o-mouth. But not Benjamin. Ben kept it all in and invented George. When Ben was disturbed, when Ben was angry, when Ben was resentful, George spoke up for him. Privately, silently George had spoken." But don't let that quote alter your thinking that George is not real. You'll have to read the book. In the end you'll know your answer.

George helps Ben out a lot with memorizing some things for Ben and helping him out on tests. He also tries to help Ben with other things. He's like his conscience or another point of view. He's head isn't crowded with all the outside things so he has a clearer mind about things and can observe the world differently. He can't actually see the world but I think you get my meaning. I wish I had a George. He would be perfect for tests and for life. He'll help prioritize my life. I love him and Ben together. I love this story. It's unbelievably unique. It's just different and it's really good. It should be a classic. It's old enough to be. This is good that I read a book this old and marvel at it because it'll get me to want to read older eclectic books. I did not coming into reading this book think I was going to read a book so out there for me. It's so fantastically different. "George hated people who were more concerned with appearing different than with being different. More concerned with appearing smart than being smart. William was like that. George liked people who had curiosity and insight. William had sacrificed both (if he ever had them) for appearances and the conquest of success." That quote makes me think of William and how much of a jerk he really is. He's such a user and George picked it up right away. It also brings me to the point that this book doesn't appear different it is and it is oh so fantastic for being so.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

The Power of Six is the sequel to I am Number Four. You know how it even became a movie. I actually did not review I Am Number Four on here. Before I get into The Power of Six I want  to get into I Am Number Four.

So John Smith is an alien. Yep. He's from Lorien and he's one out of nine children that are the last hope for the destroyed Lorien and Earth because the bad guys, the Mogadorians, want to destroy Earth. The nine children will have legacies eventually which are different powers. They all seem to have Telekinesis. John has light up hands that creates fire. John is as you guessed it number four of the nine children. He can't be killed until the first three are killed. He's the next one. He along with his guardian Henri go to Paradise, Ohio. They are constantly moving and constantly changing their names. He ends up falling in love with Sarah.

So here I'm going to tell you about the big two problems I had with this book. First the Instalove with Sarah. They never even talked all they did was kiss and really? No one cares how many times you kiss. We want the magic of falling in love. The second thing was the last battle in the end. I was so disappointing. I mean things happened. Henri dies so that's of course a big deal. But there wasn't really a battle. It was meh. The Power of Six on the other hand I liked better that the first book which never happens but it did. On to The Power of Six.

Remember how Six is this super strong heroine that can turn invisible. She and Sam (Thinks father was abducted by aliens and John's best friend) go with John. They are going to escape, try to find others, and train. John leaves Sarah behind and I say good riddance. A week later there is a reward on their heads and they have been declared terrorists. Their story intertwines with Number Seven's story. You would think this is all about Number Six but apparently not. I don't mind. Marina is her name. She has only one legacy so far and she's almost 18. Her guardian has become all religious and denies her her training and Lorien. She'll annoy the crap out of you. Marina is a very sweet and innocent girl. She lives in Spain in a convent with some mean nuns. Well Sister Dora is the real problem. She makes friends with this old priest/drunk named Hector who says he'll always have her back. She also much later on makes friends with a little girl named Ella who trails her around.

So back to John. John is pining for Sarah but also is starting to have feelings for Six which doesn't feel right because Lorien's love one person forever. I'm ecstatic about this because Six is so kick ass. They can't deny it while their training with her because John always ends up being the one beat. Problem is Sam likes her too and Sam's a good guy. I wish I had more of Sam really.

So the addition of the multiple story line and new people. New secret revealed... You learn more about Six and it's just overall way better than the first. The first was good don't get me wrong but Sarah and the last battle.... The battles on here were so amazing. Not disappointed at all. There are more people.... Aah! I'm really excited about this series finally! The next one is coming. I saw on twitter how The Rise of Nine (the next book) Countdown is beginning. Every preorder gives us a sneak preview and other things. It comes out August 12th! There's a sneak preview on Goodreads. Yay excitement! The next one is definitely going to have multiple sides to the story which I loved in this one. I hope they find the rest. I wonder how long this series is going to be. So if you were like I Am Number Four is alright you shouldn't give up. The Power of Six will completely change your opinion about the series. If you already loved I Am Number Four get ready to be completely blown out of the water with The Power of Six.

Define "Normal" by Julie Anne Peters

Antonia can't wait to get out of her house and away from her family so she jumps at the opportunity to be a peer counselor so she can get an extracurricular. That way she can get into a program so she can graduate early. Problem is that she will be counseling Jazz, a punker, a druggie, and a gang hanger. One look at her and you might think the same thing with her purple hair, black ripped up clothes, and black lips. Antonia has to be convinced to continue on being her peer counselor and I'll tell you she won't regret it. 

Antonia's family life is like this: Depressed mom who doesn't work or clean, a bratty brother named Michael, and a sweet but can be a pain even littler brother named Chuckie. I have to comment on that name. Chuckie? That's probably the worst name ever because of that doll. It's not a good image to have when you're thinking of a toddler. So anyways Antonia is basically the mom most of the time. She cleans up, does the laundry, and makes sure they don't starve to death! You know the basics. 

Jazz I'll keep a mystery except all I'm saying is that she's more than meets the eye like it always is in these cases and that she is war with her mother. Jazz acts tough but she really cares about Antonia and more than anything she cares that she be her own person which is the main problem with her and her mother. I liked her more than Antonia or "Tone" like Jazz calls her. When she first came to her house and all the mess she seemed so dramatic because I guess I didn't know her well. She wanted to fall down on her knees because she was so exhausted. She acted like such a mom throughout and always had her brothers and what needs to be done on her mind. She judged and was very sarcastic towards Jazz when she didn't know anything about her. She couldn't even back her claims. I would need to overhear her say that before I think she does anything like that. I need to hear it or see it with my own ears. I'd probably think she was mean though and wanted to intimidate and I'd probably stay out of her way. But she's a punk so she must love punk rock which I can appreciate about her. I did end up liking Tone a lot in the end. She was very loyal to her mother and she had to deal with a lot from her so good for her. 

This was definitely written in a different time because it mentions a cd player (I still have one). It reminds me of The Breakfast Club. Not because of the concept but because of the 80's vibe. The way they talk and act just reminds me of that time. It was like that and it was a simple read but I feel bad calling it simple. It's such a great book I don't want to demean it. It isn't by all means a complex book with so many twists and turns but in its own right it was a well worth read. It had me crying a little bit. I don't know how else to try to convince you to read it. But you know now I'm trying to convince you because it's so good. You won't regret it. I know Peters likes to push the envelope with her books. This is the second book I've liked from her the first being By the Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead. Two more books and she'll be a favorite of mine. Read this book. You will fall in love with Jazz and Tone lives and maybe even like me wonder what became of them.

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Extremely Late! June 2012 Cover Love

I was checking out my last post to see if it looked right and I happen to look on the side where it says what posts I have done this month. I haven't posted that much this month but I realize that the first post isn't the Cover Love for last month. For shame! I can't believe I missed it! So without further ado here on the June Cover Loves:

So my extremely late Cover Loves are Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, Glimpse by Carol Lynch Williams, Torn by Stephanie Guerra, and Never Have I Ever by Sara Shepard.

Vampire Academy. I mean, come on. Rose is the perfect arrogant/sexy vampire. You know by the look in her eye that she's trouble. I just love it and as you know I love covers with faces. I prefer them really so as you can see with the other choices... you shouldn't be surprised. Glimpse was set in verse style and was about her sister trying to commit suicide and she's trying to find out why. This is probably my second book with a bicycle on it. Just mentioning that because I find it interesting. Love how the light hits her so perfectly. There is another cover if you look it up. It's very Sarah Dessen. 

Torn is about a girl who gets in all sorts of trouble with the new girl in town who needs her help in the end. I just love that there is a hispanic on the cover. I envy the hell out of her clear skin... It's simple but does the trick. You know I had to do Never Have I ever after I did The Lying Game because there's just something about it that I love. The colors are all right. I did like the first one better but this one is still Cover Lover worthy. So that's my Cover Loves for June. I've hardly posted for July so we'll see how that turns out.

Review Copy Cleanup August List

So what is better than making a list? I love lists so I'm making one for this challenge. Let's see how many books I actually do read out of my list shall we?

  • The World in Your Lunchbox by Claire Eamer
  • Will Love for Crumbs by Jonna Ivin
  • Glitch by Heather Anastasiu
  • The Emerald City by J.A. Beard
  • Splendors and Glooms by Laura Amy Schlitz
  • Blink Once by Cylin Busby
  • The Fine Color of Rust by P.A. O'Reilly
  • Shift by Kim Curran
  • The Normal Kid by Elizabeth Holmes
  • Broxo by Zack Giallongo

Hmm... I think pictures will bring some light to this list don't you?

Much better. I am reading The World in Your Lunch Box right now but any suggestions on the next book after that you would like to see reviewed would be appreciated.

Clara Lee and the Apple Pie Dream by Jenny Han with pictures by Julia Kuo

I'm going back to my roots! Jenny Han was the author of my first book reviewed on here. This time Han introduces Clara Lee. Lee is her last name but everyone calls her Clara Lee because it sounds better. She's in the third grade, has a really annoying younger sister named Emmeline, and loves her Grandpa. Her grandfather is from Korea and her parents and her are from America which means she is Korean American. Just want to do a little shout out for some diversity yeah!

So the big thing with Clara Lee and her story is that she wants to win and become Little Miss Apple Pie so she can ride on a float across town. I have to mention how it is a pageant... which irks me. But it is a little girl's pageant and all it is, is a speech so I don't mind as much. Clara Lee would love to be Little Miss Apple Pie but problem is she is just so afraid to go out there in front of the whole school and speak. But with a little bit of Good Luck she might be able to succeed.

Her Good Luck can only last so far and she's not really in good with her family and friends later on. Her Grandfather is a big part of the story because she cares what he thinks about more than anyone I believe. He also knows about dreams and what they mean. Her best friend Shayna is always loyal. She is also friends with two twins, a boy and a girl, who are complete opposites. What got me about the twins, Georgina and Max, is that while Georgina likes to do tae kwon do (girl power!) Max does Ballet. How cute and encouraging is that right? Max is very scientific as well and Georgina likes to collect bottle caps and loves baseball.

It took me awhile to get into the story. Just the way it's written I'm thinking this must be perfect for a kid this age because Han is going over everything so detailed. But then I thought well a good children's book should be enjoyable to all genders and ages... I did end up getting into it later because I was used to the way Clara Lee spoke. It was like reading what a child would say which is exactly what it should be like but it takes some time to get used to if you aren't a child reading it.

Love the illustrations. Kuo does a great job. I wished the pictures were in color though only because Clara Lee described her elaborate dress so I wanted to see it all colorful in the picture. Kuo's illustrations kind of remind me of comics or graphic novels and I think it's because of how the smiles look. It's very similar to me to other illustrative people I've seen.

Overall for me it was an okay book but it's because I'm a teenager. I'm sure any little girl will love this book. Again diversity yay! I don't usually see much of that. It's probably because I read so many YA books because I've noticed that many children's books are more diversified. Come on YA. Pick it up. So cute book for a little girl. Has some lessons but it's not so pointedly obvious. It sounds like a little girl especially when she is fighting with her little sister. This book reminded why I love being the youngest and that I only have brothers. I love my brothers. Also a nice book for a grandfather to give his granddaughter. She'd love it.

Review Copy Cleanup August

I discovered this challenge from Shout With Emaginette which I'm happy I did because a) I'm failing at my yearly challenges so bad so this will make me feel better b) it's only a month so it's convenient and c) I really need to read a bunch of my to reviews from NetGalley and another source.

What is the Review Copy Cleanup?

Two bookish friends were getting swapped with to read and review books so they decided to make it a little fun by doing with a bunch of other bloggers. The two people hosting are Nyx Book Reviews and Books, Biscuits, and Tea. They've done this before so they are just continuing the challenge.

The Guidelines

* The challenge runs from 1 to 31 August

* To sign up go to one of the bloggers websites and you can link your blog there. Here's one here.

* Every book you received for review counts toward the challenge, both ebooks and hard copies, including   all genres and lengths

* You don't need to follow the two hosts in order to be able to sign up for the event (although it's appreciated

* Feel free to use the #RCCCleanup hashtag on Twitter for your RCC related tweets or join in the twitter party at  and meet lots of awesome bloggers (:

* The dates of the readathons and Twitter parties will be announces closer to the RCC

Hope you guys can join in!

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Mary Lennox's parents never had time for her which made her grow up into a very unhappy, spoiled, and rude child. She got everything she wanted from her Ayah and other servants in India. They did this to please her mother who didn't really ever want her and doesn't want her in the way of her lavish parties. But then comes Cholera and everyone flees leaving her alone with nobody knowing she's still in the house. When she is discovered they tell her how her parents died. She's not a very sentimental child so she only thought of where she would go now. She would go live with an uncle in a mansion. Little does she know that she will discover happiness and friends. She will do this all with first discovering the secret garden.

This classic children's book was nice to read but I loved watching the 1993 version more. I'll be comparing the book and movie. When they were talking Yorkshire I had to be careful I understood what they were saying. They didn't talk like that all the time but it was annoying when they did. There was also this part talking about how Martha (a maid) thought that Mary was going to be a black native which didn't sit right with me because what if you were going to read this with your kid. They said a little more. It's just a little part but it irritated me. I remember something like that in the movie and can't believe I missed that. I just remember Martha thinking she was native in the movie not black. So those are some complaints I have about the book.

The way the parents died was different than the movie. It was stampeding elephants that killed her parents in the movie. Her mother was Mr. Craven's wife's twin sister while in the book Mr. Craven's wife's brother was Mary's father. Everything else seems to be the same.

Of course this is all about a secret garden. The secret garden has been locked up for ten years and the key buried (Mary found it in a room with the tiny elephants in the movie). The reason is that the wife of the hunchbacked man Mr. Craven died in the garden. He was always a very serious and unhappy man but with her his life felt anew. She's gone now so he's become even worse. He won't see his son Colin because she died and he didn't.

Colin is another spoiled little brat. He's a sick child well that's what everyone has always told him. They've told him that he'll never live to grow up. So he stays in bed and his room all day not daring to go outside because it can hurt him. He has a bad back and thinks he'll become just like his father with a hunched back. Mary identifies with him. That's why I think she becomes friends with him. But by this time she's a lot nicer so she sees a lot of rudeness in this boy and won't have none of it.

Another major character is Dickon. I absolutely love Dickon. He's the maid Martha's brother. He becomes fast friends with Mary. He is an animal charmer and lives out in the moor (a type of land with animals). I liked him much more in the movie though. He teaches Mary about different plants and what to grow and all things like that. The book was quite long because that's all they talk about. That and Dickon's mom which wasn't talked about in the movie. I guess I saw the wonder more in the movie. I really loved the movie. It was magical to me. It made me want to go out and plant some flowers. You know when a book or movie moves you if it makes you want to do something.

There's a lot of talk about magic, more than the movie. It was a bit too much but it did add to the whole whimsical feeling to the story and the garden. It was more about the garden and magic making him heal. It was also about bringing the father to Colin in the movie. Sheesh.... I really want to watch the movie again... The book also kept on saying how she is getting fatter from going outside a little too much. I mean shush already.

Mary seemed way nicer and likable in the book than the movie and that is because of the time. A movie can show you a limited time of change possible. So I liked Mary the book better. You may be wondering what my favorite character is and if not oh well because I'm going to tell you it is Colin. I said I loved Dickon but Colin won my heart. He's the same as Mary but his rudeness and the way he acts in the beginning and the way he changes because of Mary just absolutely cinched my love for him. I just don't know. If you notice the picture I have of him above you would know. He's like Mary but he has been living a life that everyone tells him to live. He thinks he's going to die but with Mary's help he proves them wrong. It sounds like Mary is the hero which she is but I can't help but love the innocence and wonder I see in Colin. He's just awesome.

BUT did you know that in the 1987 version movie that Mary and Colin get married. They're cousins... The 1993 version mentions how jealous he is with Dickon and Mary looking at her and him saying he's going to marry her. It's an old book and I don't remember it mentioning it in the book where he had feelings for her but maybe I missed it? I still would highly recommend watching the movie and/or reading the book. It's a classic for a reason.

"And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles."

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Frostbite by Richelle Mead

I don't know if you all remember the Vampire Academy but this is its descendant. Last time we met Rose, the spunky Dhampir who is a bit... well a big trouble maker who took her friend, a Moroi, Lissa away because she thought she was in danger. If you don't remember a Dhampir is half human and half vampire. They protect the Moroi and are trained to one day be the guardian of one while a Moroi is royalty. They need blood to sustain them. They do all have an element that they could use but they don't. That's a big problem when the Strigoi, evil immortal vampires, are killing them off left and right.

We found out that Lissa's power isn't so simple. She has the power of spirit which means she can heal people. She healed Rose and brought her back from the dead. So now they have a bond that links them together. Love does befall these two. Rose goes for a stoic yet sweet older guardian while Lissa goes for a snarky royal whose past is shrouded in pain and shame. Lissa keeps her guy, Christian, in the end but Rose isn't that lucky. Her guy, Dimitri, decides that duty precedes his love of her. 

That's most of the back story for all of you that don't remember the first book that well. So poor Rose right? I mean she's this rebellious kickass girl but also is very determined to keep her friend safe but she gets the boot. Now in Frostbite Dimitri dares DARES to have feelings for another girl. A woman in her case and Rose couldn't be more unhappy about it. She hasn't even told her best friend in the world Lissa who's been all couply with Christian that she even was with Dimitri for a time. They don't really hang out anymore. Is she jealous? You bet she is. But you won't hear her admit it. At least not in direct words.

There's been a bunch of killings and parents are freaking out so the school administration decides to take them all on a ski trip. So everyone is going there and I mean everyone including Rose's mom who she hasn't seen for years. Needless to say Rose isn't so welcoming. She ends up meeting Adrian. Yes, I can smell the love triangle from a mile away. Adrian is supposedly a player and he's interested in Rose. Rose doesn't want to go down that path but whenever she's around him things go wrong but there's also this draw towards him and weird things about him that she can't quite place... Honestly he doesn't sound as great as Dimitri does so it'll take a while before I see him being with Rose. Still all's not safe and people start thinking radically. What are we all going to do about these Strigoi?

Well that was a pretty long so sorry about that. I sounded very summary all the way through... So you know that Rose and Dimitri make me extremely happy and I don't appreciate Adrian butting in. You hardly read about Lissa on here. She is still in control but a little not. I wonder why she has to get all depressed because she heals someone. She's taking all the bad from them I guess? That actually makes sense.

You see mostly Rose with Mason. Mason. Remember? Well I didn't. He and Rose flirt with each other. He likes her and she sees him as a friend? Well maybe not now. Maybe there's a love square. Who knows? Yes, I do like to tease. So the sequel to a book never is as good as the first book (except Harry Potter of course) but this was great. I'm still pretty surprised that I'm reading a vampire book... again. But it's really good. It's kind of like Hex Hall in the fact that they kind of live in a boarding school except instead of witches and the like there are vampires around. Things go down in the end of this book and you die a little inside because you'll be going ROSE!!! It's heartbreaking. Prepare to cry in the last chapters. I warned you. Questions rise up at the end. The author always does that to mess with you which I don't appreciate because I feel like I need the next book right now and it's disappointing when I have to wait. Oh well. Glad I'm back and was able to read this great vampire book.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Road Trip

I've been a way for a while now. No I have not abandoned you I just went on a mini road trip. I'm sure you guys wouldn't call spending a couple of days in Georgia and north Florida as a road trip but for me it was something new. I've never been out of state so it was a pretty big deal for me. I went to Helen which is this small swiss? town in north Georgia. I even made a u turn in Alabama so technically I've been to three states. I know, I'm a cheater. It was nice. You know how I've always wanted to be an outdoorsy type of person? You know how you are who you are? So I'm definitely not outdoorsy but I absolutely LOVED climbing up part of a mountain, going to a falls, and hiking part way of a canyon. It was hard but I loved it. I can so see my future being like that. The other times I went to Tallahassee and checked out the sites. Went to a great FREE museum there. I also swam a lot and hung out with my cousins up north of us. I, like a little kid, did go with my parents... I still don't know how to drive... like that would make them let me go on a road trip by myself. So I'm excited to be back and read once again.

I did go to my Orientation before the trip. Aaah!! It was a better experience than I thought it would be. It was of course terrifying but it was still very exciting. Some of the week I'll be spending a whopping 12 hours at school. Me and my brother's schedule just messed each other up. Oh well. That's a lot of hours studying and doing homework and hey! some time to read too. I'm going to end up now reading one book at a time. Whenever I've read three books and I haven't done posts yet I sort of rush and that's not as good as I could be doing so one at a time. I'll be posting during school but not as much. Ah, college. Please don't kill me...

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Another book club book down! It's Alaska in the 1920's. Jack and Mabel are an older couple who have moved to Alaska to work the land. It was a dream of Jack's to make it out there. Alaska is synonymous with its rough terrain and to me Jack London. Jack and Mabel are a quite type but it's not just their personality's that are making them quite. There has been tension since Mabel had a stillborn. They never tried for another and never tried to adopt. They have been just quietly sad. Jack is having trouble farming his land while Mabel is at home alone for hours making her pies and cleaning and such.

All that changes when they meet a girl. A girl who appeared out of nowhere after one day they created out of the snow a little girl. Their wish... This girl comes and goes out of their lives. Mabel is convinced that she is the snow child they created come to life. She was read a story by her father long ago about a snow child. So she knows it could be true. Jack on the other hand knows a secret about the girl that may prove otherwise.

This story I was drawn to because it was like this movie that I have been anticipating called The Odd Life of Timothy Green. I loved the concept of parents who couldn't have a baby and they wrote all what their child would be in pieces of a paper in a box and buried it. The next thing they know here is this boy who calls them mom and dad. The Snow Child is like the adult version of it. When reading it it's all very serious and they live very tense and quiet lives. Everything starts to turn around with this girl who appears out of nowhere.If you couldn't have a child and suddenly you were given one... I can't imagine how that would feel. So I feel for Mabel but a lot of times she annoyed me because she was so obsessive about it all and very clingy. She was going to have things her way. I really liked Jack. He lied to Mabel though. Not really. He didn't tell her something important. I didn't mind. The only thing was that annoyed me about him was that he thought Mabel so fragile and wouldn't let her stand on her own two feet.

The Snow Child reveals her name later and it's Faina. She's this feral child who hunts and kills with ease. She only visits Jack and Mabel during the winter and goes away in the summer. She's frightened in front of people. She's very much like an animal. She is unknown to Jack and Mabel's eventual friend's George and Esther. Esther is this rough and tumble tomboy mom. There is no wonder why she only had boys. She becomes good friends with Mabel but she thinks Mabel's a little strange... when she finds out about the snow child tale. One of their sons, Garrett, ends up also becoming very close with the family. He's a hunter and trapper.

A couple of people thought the ending was disappointing in the book club. I thought it was sad. There was a part I didn't realize happened and it was pretty big so pay attention in the end. I feel sorry and kind of happy about how the last about 10 to15 chapters went. There were parts that I was like yes! I knew this was going to happen and I'm happy for it. But I'm sad for one particular person. It just felt really messed up. I overall really enjoyed this book. You wouldn't think it was a really great book by starting to read it because about these two people and this quiet life but I really couldn't stop once I started. It was well deserving of the best seller list. I would read this book if I were you.

Sam Cruz's Infallible Guide to Getting Girls by Tellulah Darling

Release Date: October 17th 2012
Sam Cruz is the ultimate player. He just puts on his charm and girls go flocking. He has never been into attachment and relationships. He doesn't understand how girls don't get the concept of just sex. Why ruin it with a relationship?

Sam's best friend Ally has just been dumped on her birthday! I might add by her geeky earth loving activist boyfriend. If she were more like guys she wouldn't have to have all this pain. That's when she decides that she's just going to use guys just like Sam uses girls. Sam decides that he will help his best friend. It's the perfect situation. He will finally prove that his way of life is better and he gets to boost his friend's self-esteem. But what happens when Ally really turns into this really beautiful girl, someone he would usually go out with? And not only that but her personality with his make them connect as friends. What has he gotten himself into...

This book has got me comparing it to The DUFF. Same concept. The thing with this book is it is way racier. Just talking about sex and parts like it's part of casual conversation. Lots of talk of innuendos too. It was a little too much for me. But I knew what I was getting into when reading this book and that didn't stop me from really liking the story and characters.

I feel like I always side with the guys in the story. But this time I had fault with Sam too. First Ally, she was all transformed and beautiful and then she started acting like a real witch if you know what I mean. I mean he's your friend and all he does is want to just hang out with you sometime like you used to. But no... Everything's about sex now. Now Sam, I'm proud that I finally can defend a woman in a story, was the charming-every-woman-likes-him type of guy. And everybody likes the bad guy so I of course didn't mind his ways. It's part of the story anyways. But then towards the end he started being a real jerk to Ally. Ally was kind of being a pain too but Sam was denying a big thing and I just couldn't stand him for a while there.

I loved the way they talked around each other. Even before everything started you knew they were perfect together. They've always known each other. Sam made her a birthday hat that she has to wear to get presents and he has this album of every birthday she's had. It's all so adorable. And that right there is why I wanted to read this book and why I loved it in the end. I love the player falling for his non assuming friend. And I love how she is really this fun and witty person but also this girl who can turn heads and she made him take notice. It might be about sex but it's also about friendship, love, and it's pretty hilarious too. Well done Darling on your first book.

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Milo is a boy who whenever he was somewhere he wanted to get out of there but whenever he was at the destination he wanted to be somewhere else. Learning about solving problems, the people of the world, and anything really at school is just plain boring. (Who can blame him for saying school is boring?) His life is a blah. He's a very abnormal boy. He sounds too much like an adult. One day that all changes when he finds a mysterious package in his home. He discovers it's a tollbooth. Now all I was thinking was Doctor Who and it came around the same time so I wonder.... Anyways the tollbooth can take him to a place not on Earth. He goes there with his toy car which he drives in. He visits vast places with strange names and strange ways. It reminded me a lot of Alice in Wonderland which I loved that it did.

It was all about words and numbers. There's the kingdom of Wisdom, Digitopolis, and Dictionopolis. He meets a dog called Tock who has a clock on him and a Humbug who wants to please everyone and is a big fat liar. With these two he goes on a quest to find the two princesses who were banished, Rhyme and Reason. You see the world has no rhyme or reason anymore. People are being put away for six million years! There using too much words to say one thing, there is no sound in the Valley of Sound, and more discord surrounds the kingdom. So he has to venture through all the land and has to get past demons to get to the Castle in the Air. The demons sound scarier than they are if you're a parent. They just like to mess with Milo and his friends. This book is like an English teacher's dream. It surprised me how much I did enjoy it. I don't usually like classics so it's always a surprise when I find a classic I like. This book was actually published in the year my parents were born which is pretty funny. I never thought I'd be reading a book published the same year my parents were born. Again with the classics thing. I don't really read older books too. Milo in the end gets the lesson of stopping and smelling the roses. Also there is so much to learn in the world and it can be interesting if you try to see it that way. So it is definitely something I would recommend reading especially if you're reading aloud. It's more fun that way.

Bruiser by Neal Shusterman

Brewster nicknamed the Bruiser because of his bulky appearance, his mysterious life, and of course his name pretty much begs to be nicknamed the Bruiser is the star of this book. Tennyson named after the Tennyson is pissed. His sister is dating this hulking mass of loser. I mean he lives on an acre of dirt in a shack. He was voted Most Likely to get the Death Penalty. He won't touch his sister! He will make sure he knows to stay away from her. He is known for being this athletic and intelligent guy as well as a bit of a bully. But he knows he's doing the right thing. His sister just sees him as a stray. She has a thing for strays. And at first Bronte named after the Bronte Sisters (Their parents are literature professors) does see Brewster that way but then it forms into something else. She genuinely likes and cares about him so she's not going to let her brother tell him or her what to do. This is her decision, her life. But there is something about the Brewster that they both don't know. Something that will change them for the better but before that they will discover the worst sides of themselves. Well Tennyson mostly.

So what's the big secret you may be asking? Brewster cares a little too much. He stays away from people for a reason. They need to hate him because it's easier to hate them back. But if he does care about you, even a little then he will take on your pain. So his name does make sense but not for the reason you may initially think. His whole body is a bruise. You get a cut and he cares about you and he'll take it away from you. He doesn't do it on purpose. He can't control his power. He takes all this pain and he's just a big teddy bear because he doesn't hit anyone. It's against his nature. He has to be careful who he cares about because they might take advantage and if anyone were to know who knows what could happen to him. He needs to take care of his rambunctious half-brother Cody. He doesn't need to be taken away. What would happen if he left him with his Uncle, this stereotypical Southern older man who drinks all the time. Way too much drinking... And then he met Bronte and he likes her weird character. He's just scared what might happen if he has another person he cares about too much.

Shusterman, Shusterman, Shusterman. Look at you. You are completely different than what I'm used to. You're more of a dueling sides, humorous, and past times type of person. Well I'm sure Downsiders isn't like that but I haven't read it so yeah... Bruiser has me all super aware of him. I mean they kept on thinking of themselves. All Brewster thought was of others well also a little bit of himself because he didn't want someone close to him to seriously injure or kill themselves because that means he would be in a world of pain. He was also just trying to protect his heart. I got really mad at Tennyson even though I liked his smug remarks to a bully bothering Brewster and his whole attitude really. He stopped being a bully pretty fast which I find unrealistic but he did do some things towards the end... Then there was Bronte who has a very weird and quirky personality which I loved. I just didn't see the relationship most of the time. She just wanted to fix everything and she also had some of her own transgressions.

All the while their parents are going through a problem... which is putting it lightly. Lots of issues in the family. This was a very enjoyable book. It'll get you feeling like you want to go help this guy out. He's pretty perfect but the other people didn't really convince me of being either good people or I don't know... There were just some things that irked me about them. I like that Shusterman is doing this YA book that will get more readers to him. I mean he does the Skinjacker Series but I like that he's doing more books that a lot of people will love. And I've read most of books so it's nice to read anything by him really.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Glimpse by Claire Merle

Release Date: June 7th 2012
Ana is Pure or she thought she was until she ordered the death certificate of her mother thinking her father was covering something up. Now she knows he covered it up for her own benefit because her mother was depressed. She had to be if she died from exhaust fumes. So her father, a powerful person who first developed the Pure tests, must have changed her test to make her look Pure right? Well two years later her father got off the charges, she is considered a Sleeper which means her disease might become active, and she's facing the potential of Jasper accepting her to be joined (married) with her but if not she will be sent to live with the Crazies.

I think I need to clarify some things first. In the time it's about thirty years from now. The people who have parents or ancestors with depression, anger problems, etc are called Crazies. The people who don't have those genes are Pure so they are joined with other Pure people to preserve the race. Towards the end you will fully realize that the government, unsurprisingly, is crazy. Well at least the psychiatrists are. You will get very angry at them as well as Ana's father who I wish to crush into a million pieces. He's the worst father and husband. He believes his own crap when he knows it's not true. Or maybe he doesn't know and he just goes with it all to keep his daughter's best interests at heart. Ugh. "Best interests at heart" usually means they are being controlling and manipulative.

Jasper is actually a pretty nice guy but he knows something that can get him in real big trouble. He thinks it's why his brother was killed. They didn't really say he was killed but that he fell off a cliff and really is that believable to you? Governments are always evil in the future. I don't know how Ana didn't get this right away. I guess she never grew up with dystopian books or action films like the rest of us.

Jasper mysteriously disappears after he tells her she's in trouble. Worried for him she does the unthinkable and goes to search for him in the most dangerous place of all. She learns things that will change her way of life an thinking forever. There's this family that helps her out. Lila she meets first. By the description you may think she's a Goth because she wears all black and her eye makeup according to Ana looks like a mask. She's actually very sweet and has Ana's back. Lila is her first connection to this mysterious person who can lead her to Jasper's whereabouts and what is really going on in the world.

So I loved this book. I pick the best books don't I? I usually love my books. With this book I was completely mesmerized and wondering how things were going to turn out. I read this book straight through. Five hours of epicness. I'm wondering how this book isn't the talk of he town. Goodreads should have a ridiculous amount of ratings and reviews but there's not nearly as much as there should be. It did just come out in June but when a book is good everyone knows it. I thought things were going to end so differently. Merle through me for a loop. Series books or sequels and such usually end with a just a horrible pain in your chest because the cliffhanger was like WHAT THE!!!! It will continue and I hope I find out soon what it's called and what the date is. I'm sure it'll be in a year and that always ruins me. *sigh* But the end was really... hopeful and happy. I loved it. Finally! A series or whatever that doesn't completely haunt my dreams! And the author I must say... where have you been? This is your first book. Dude. I could have read this and more by now. I'm just saying. I'm expecting a lot of great things to come with Claire Merle. I'm excited!